Haruka Na Sora & Monthly update 21/01/13

Hi! So today I finally have some time to make the monthly update, we have made a lot of progress in the last month (recruited several Tl’s, fired a few). But the most important thing we did this month was to finally start translating Haruka Na Sora. Yes you heard right the TRJR team is officially translating Yosuga No Sora “fun” disc.

But before going on with HNS let me announce the progress of YNS.

Sora 8334/8334 100% YAY!

Nao 1383/7378 18.7%

Akira 3473/8860 39.2%

Kazuha 6690/6690 100% YAY!

Motoka 1645/6315 26.0%

Common 2119/2119 100% YAY!

OVERALL 23644/39696 59.5%

PR note

Yes we know there are a LOT of typos and mistakes in the current patch, but please refrain from posting them on the site or sending us mails about it. Linktriforce is currently working on the common route and Sora’s route (I think) so unless its about those 2 please  let them slide for the moment.

Lets go on to staff changes

We have 2 new translators for HNS

xAstarotte will be in charge of  Yahiro’s route. (He will be doing a chn>eng TL)

[Obscure] will be in charge of Sora’s route on HNS. (I cant wait for him to finish translating).

MO JO the current translator of Kozue’s route (the council president) has gone MIA which is part of the reason why this post is late. So we are looking for someone to replace him, we have 2 applicants right now however we are not sure if they are going to work with us in the project yet.

Haruka Na Sora

Sora scenario 937 /5689 16.4%completed

Yahiro scenario 27/4226 0.63%completed

Kozue scenario 682/5483 12.43% completed

Karaoke scenario 0/367 0% completed

YNS character story (NOT including Sora) 0/435 0% completed

Just a little poll.



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57 responses to “Haruka Na Sora & Monthly update 21/01/13

  1. Angamir

    I think this poll needs another option:

    Great ! Thought lets finish YNS translation first before we start delving in other things 🙂

    I apreciate your hard workm but it saddens me a bit when I realise that at current pace you will finish the translation at very best in next 16 months.

    On positive side though maybe by that time i will learn japanese myself and help you guys out 🙂

  2. NeoDragon

    “I apreciate your hard work”


    “but it saddens me a bit when I realise that at current pace you will finish the translation at very best in next 16 months.”

    The progress is VERY good in my opinion, especially if you’re taking into account the (at times quite rocky) history of the group. The fact it’s progressing steadily is much more important for me. There are many examples out there where the tranlation went up to 20% or so in 2 months just to stay exactly there until today.

    And don’t forget the progress made at HnS (btw: I’m very happy you’re officially working on that, because especially Sora’s story feels incomplete without it^^).

    “maybe by that time i will learn japanese myself and help you guys out”

    I don’t think that’s possible unless you have 8 hours a day reserved just for japanese and/or you have a natural talent for learning new languages. I know it because I’m struggleling myself for some time but these d$&§ Kanji are driving me insane.

    I, too, can only thank you for your hard work^_^ … I’m really looking forward to this.

  3. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your work.
    Go for it!

    • xPoWx~

      even mao approves? Well, I certainly agree, that it’s awesome, that you’ll also translate HnS….keep going, same as every update from my side: Thank you very much for translating…and keep going, the VN is worthy to get an eng patch!

      Oh btw Akira-paya’s route is being second’ by me, but still take your time….I like this game enough to wait.

  4. Harag

    Thank you for the update and for your hard work! I’m intersted in the Sora route more than all the other routes together so naturally I’m more than happy with your progress with HNS. I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂

  5. magusgs

    Currently waiting breathlessly for the finishing edits on Sora’s route (YNS). I’ll also be looking forward to her route in HNS. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hecrapan

    Juts a quick update MO JO has finally answered back so he’s no longer MIA, however we are still looking for TL’s.

  7. Bishide

    I guess I should just read Kazuha instead of waiting for Akira.. Well keep up the good work I look forward to seeing YSN translated. If you could focus on finishing that, before running off to the fan disc to please Sora fans, that would be great.

    • Hecrapan

      I am Sora fan, however rest assured that our main priority is finishing YNS. HNS is using a completely separate set of translators, in fact most of the guys that are currently working on HNS are there because we no longer needed TL’s for YNS, so we thought of starting HNS with the “extra” TL’s and PR’s.

  8. apau

    Oh guys, i’m so happy that i found this site!!! I never thought anyone would translate HNS!! I’m really really looking forward to it, really really thank you all. Btw, if it’s not a problem, where can i found the actual patch of Yosuga no Sora? I really want to play Sora’s route so…^^ Thanks again to you all guys!

  9. Been watching the anime for this and love the characters, came across the VN and subsequently your TL work on it. Can’t wait until it’s finished but in the meantime could I get the updated patch I’d love to do Sora’s route.

    Keep up gods work, we all appreciate it!

  10. Sluri

    Every since I finished watching the anime back in 2010, I wanted more of Yosuga no Sora. Then, I read that there was a VN for it, and googled it. I was sad to find that the translation had been halted, and have been eagerly waiting for it to be resume translation. I decided to check the status on the translation with the hope that it had resumed translation, and to my surprise it is now 59% translated. I am very thankful for the work you guys put forth into translating this VN, as VNs are very time consuming to translate. Even so, you guys are willing to sacrifice your own time to continue translation. I am very appreciative of the work you guys have done so far. If it is not too much to ask, could I get a copy of the updated patch? Thank you very much, and keep up the good work!

  11. zeihao

    Hi! Great job (and great novel, of course)! I hope it’ll be finished. I take Angamir’s point of view. It seems to me it would be better to finish YNS and then continue HNS. Sorry for my bad English. And I would like to get the patch. Thanks!

  12. Jayliouss

    Good luck! Gambattee ! I like the VN too but sadly I only have Kazuha and the common route. I can’t read anymore for the others since I have the slightest idea what they are saying T^T pls keep up the good work!

  13. SurferDude

    Looking forward to the Sora route from HnS. I hope you guys can finish it soon. Good luck.

  14. crygon20

    HI im looking for the updated YNS patch but i can only find some old ones where can i find the updated or a download link. Anyway keep up the good work.

  15. Hi, (sorry if my english is not good)
    I just was searching about this game and came to this website, and I realized you are doing a great job.
    Actually, I’m downloading the game and… can you send me your new patch?
    Thanks 🙂

  16. Earth_Ruin

    I suppose I should start off by saying that I really appreciate the work that you’re doing on this VN. I’ve wanted to see a translation for YNS for quite some time, and I wasn’t even aware that there was a project in the works until quite recently. Can I request to have the current patch sent through email if there are currently no download links?

    • Hecrapan

      They are no download links and they wont be till the final patch. Ive just send a patch copy to the mail associated to this account.

  17. How do I download the Sora route, route and Kazuha the Common route??

    Thanks for your reply and for the translation.

  18. Kamidori


    no homo

  19. May I have a copy of the patch?

  20. hman92

    Ty u guys for doin such an amazing job and keep up the good work … i really want to try playin and would really appreciate it if u guys could send me the patch … i also sent an email to u guys …. i know im being kinda impatient but i really wanna play and i dun get much time off … ty guys for doin an amazing job ^^

  21. Nanashi

    I can’t wait for the high quality JCE translation we’ll be receiving.

    And yeah, I agree, you guys didn’t have more than enough translators already at all.

    Love, Kudo

  22. Kit

    Wow! I don’t know that u guys are still working on this, I am so happy to see this. Could you send me the patch too? I just cant wait for the full patch. Thank you!

  23. Hoorah! I’m so happy to hear you guys have finally finished Sora’s route in YNS. I’m still waiting for Akira’s route to be done _(:3」∠)_ (I’ll wait for as long as I can, don’t you worry! x3) And possibly Nao’s – I mean you do need to finish her route first, right? To get to Sora’s wincest route? LOL

    In the mean time, I think I’ll play otome games while I wait for the other routes to finish. Doesn’t matter how long, I guess. I’m very patient xD
    Good luck, everyone! ^ 0^/

    • Bolt

      Hmm, I believe I’ve heard you just need to complete any one of the other routes to unlock Sora’s. o3o So it could be any of them, but only Kazuha’s is completed at the time; I guess that’s what everyone is going with for now.

      I’m up for waiting like you though… for now. >w>

  24. Yammato

    can i have the pacth? please

  25. NitroS321

    Hi! Nice work! Good luck with translation. Hope you finish it soon. Well, keep up the good work. And… Can you send me copy of the patch?

  26. A french guy

    Thanks for your great work.
    In france, we have no patch ( i think the french team are waiting for the full eng patch -_-“)
    So, could I get a copy of the updated patch please :)?
    ( with instructions to install it ^.^)
    Bye and good luck!

  27. Gendo Ikari

    Seems an odd way to go about distributing it, but put me down for receiving a copy. I just started playing it using machine translations, so I’m very interested to see a proper translation.

  28. Sigma Eta

    Thanks for doing such an amazing job, great work. I will send a mail requesting a patch, thank you in an advance. Keep up the good work and good luck.

  29. Bolt

    Out of curiosity, does each monthly update imply an update to the partial patch as well? Or is the latter just progressively updated as you fine-tune the translations regardless?

    • Hecrapan

      The monthly update only reflects the progress of the month. The patch is updated once a certain “milestone” has been achieved (like 100% on a route, or a route that has been 100% proofreaded). Or whenever xilexio feels like it.

      • Bolt

        That’s a nice way to have a pattern to your updates, getting large chunks of progress at a time so that everything remains organized.

        I’ve been wandering through the common route for an hour or so and I’m impressed, you’ve all done a beautiful job of this.

  30. Flygan98

    Where I can download it?
    Sorry for my ignorance xD

  31. Luhnet

    Sry for asking but i think im kinda blind for not finding a download or will it only be open for download after its done?

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