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A less frequently updated way to get the patch if you don’t want to make a discord account:

30 responses to “Download

  1. Xilexio

    You’ll get one once you get to our IRC channel. Just click the link to open browser-based IRC client. It’d be a breach of rules to post links to copyrighted stuff and, even though we don’t (and won’t) offer the full game, its scenario (translated or not) is a part of it and is still copyrighted. Therefore I chose to separate the distribution channel from this blog. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. darkerfan22

    hi guys i love ths anime yosuga no sora. iam watching this lots of times. and yet i will play this game… but i cannot find the gamelink!!! please give me the link ^^

  3. Xilexio

    If you want the patch, go to IRC with the link above. If you want the game, buy it e.g. here (first press edition) or here (regular edition).

  4. koromi

    Is There A Free Version Of The Game?

  5. Xilexio

    There is a trial, which we do not translate. You can get it in the “Web Trial” section of this page:, from one of the mirrors listed there.

  6. is haruka na sora have the english patch too?

  7. Xilexio

    After YnS is translated, checked and fully complete, we’ll start working on HnS (unless someone else starts before us).

  8. Just asking, this project still going or is it already 100% translated ? Thanks.

  9. Xilexio

    Still going. But Sora’s, Kazuha’s, Nao’s and majority (all but H scenes) of Akira’s route are complete.

  10. kurudoj

    says my ip is banned? why i am banned?

  11. Xilexio

    I’m pretty sure I did not ban anybody. If it is so, then maybe Rizon servers themselves banned you for some reason (e.g. too many concurrent connections).
    Anyway, to get the patch, check out the latest post. You have a direct download link there. I just did not update the Download page yet.

  12. DongerMaximus

    How do I actually apply the patch?

  13. Bruno Zarate

    so after i bought the game in amazon…what do i do next?? can anyone help me please

  14. Xilexio

    Just replace the csx file in the “system” subdirectory of the directory you installed Yosuga no Sora in.

  15. Xilexio

    1. Install the game.
    2. Download the patch from here
    3. Replace the csx file from “system” subdirectory of the directory you installed Yosuga no Sora with the one from the patch.
    4. Run the game in Japanese locale.
    5. Enjoy.

  16. BureaucracyIsStrongInThisOne

    1.I dont care about regular or first press limited edition. I just want Yosuga No Sora (game).
    2. dont send ANY yosuga no sora OR haruka na sora overseas, literally only japanese people can buy those games directly from
    3. (international forwarding service to ship Japanese products from shopping websites internationally) wont ship me anything without me sending them scanned picture of my NATIONAL ID, PASSPORT, driver license, etc. (you need to scan just one of those). My point is i think is really UNPLEASANT to scan my private documents just becouse cant ship it overseas. Why they (tenso) dont ask for my login and password to my bank account too? (sarcasm). Seriously i CANT BELIEVE how DIFFICULT is to get your hands on Yosuga No Sora.
    4. Links to Yosuga No Sora (regular+limited edition) and Haruka Na Sora (regular+limited edition). in FAQ on this webpage will not help you much if you are not japanese becouse they are all on (no overseas shipping).
    5. Seriously does anyone know some easy way how to purchase Yosuga No Sora? I would be happy to pay twice as much just to get rid of scanning, sending private informations to strangers, filling forms, creating accounts etc.

  17. desperation

    Please make the explanation of how to install yosuga no sora much more detailed. I choose that my computer location is Japan but game still doesnt work, game application wont launch, some folders of the game and even whole installation process are filled with nonsense letters like “Xkm” “?????????”, its obvious that my computer doesnt know how display japanese characters (kanji,hiragana,katakana). I am using Windows 10. It seem that choosing your computers location as Japan isnt enough. Am I supposed to download Japanese language pack and set WHOLE computer into full Japan mode (EVERYTHING IS SHOWN IN JAPANESE) in order to even play yosuga no sora?

  18. Ollllllllk

    Hello. Is there a full version available for free? Can’t find

  19. Xilexio

    This is a commercial game. You have to buy it.

  20. Xilexio

    Did you try old and trusty Microsoft AppLocale? I think it was discontinued some time ago, but at least on Windows 7 you can install it with console that was run as administrator. I haven’t tried installing the thing on Windows 10.

  21. Xilexio

    If I were you, I’d just give them what they want, maybe they are required to keep track of personal details in case you ordered something dangerous or whatever.

    Now that I think about it, I think that sending erotic content outside Japan violates terms of service of Japan Post. From what I read on the internet, they just don’t check it all the time, since they have bigger problems than you buying your erotic game, but those are the rules. More specifically, I guess eroge falls under “obscene materials” here. In practice, you will probably just have a small chance that they bother to check and just return it. After all, such sites as JList do send eroge outside of Japan boundaries (marked as, e.g., “used cds”).

    If you’re absolutely out of luck maybe you can send a mail to JList ( or another, cheaper shop, and they will just put it there. They were nice enough to put original 18+ version of Kanon VN for me there when I asked, so I think you’ll have a decent chance with YnS too.

  22. Kutte :3

    Thanks for you guys work :3
    Do you guys have a ETA, When it’s your guys are done with translation? :3

  23. Xilexio

    Currently there are no translators, so no ETA, sorry.

  24. Oh? That so? I’ve been wanting to see Haruka no Sora to get translated. I hope YnS to get finished for it to be next in translating.

  25. Socks

    Any chance at the partial part being reuploaded at least?

  26. Xilexio

    Done. Remuz fixed the webpage. Find your patch here:
    I’ll do something to just make a working permanent direct link for the latest version.

  27. Paquito

    So, there has been an update in december, but how much it translate from the last one?

  28. Dougbeth

    Thanks for the work, I hope that soon it will be completed.

  29. William RB

    Hello, I understand this is an old topic which people no longer touch. But if someone is reading this, I would like to know on the updates for Haruka no Sora’s english translation. If not, does somebody know how the plot roughly goes?

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