2/16/2012 Status Update.

All right, fellow VN readers. First of all, I have some important announcements to make.

A.) I know I made errors in the editing of the common route, and I’m getting around to fixing those. I did it in a text editor the first time around, but now that I’m actually going through the game, I can see much more easily the mistakes I’ve made, and am correcting them ASAP.

B.) The new patch is awesome. Seriously, it is. It removes the Japanese names and puts in English ones. This is why I didn’t touch the game, because I knew I’d get too confused if I didn’t see English. So now that something like that is in, it’s definitely a great patch.

C.) All right, percentage time. We got a new file which auto-calculates percentages, so nobody can say I’m wrong this time because I do it differently. Hmph.

  • Sora: 8286/8286 100%
  • Nao: 1445/7311 19.76%
  • Akira: 3440/8794 39.12%
  • Kazuha: 6634/6634 100%
  • Motoka: 1388/6259 22.18%
  • Common: 2096/2096 100%

Total: 23223/39380 (58.97%)

The new patch will be available on our IRC channel #xilexio@irc.rizon.net.

Edit by Xilexio:

In last month, I finished hacking the CSX file format. If you’re interested, you can find more info and sources of program I made here (new version should be there within few days, currently it only has the old one):


What does that mean for you?

  • Translated names (finally)
  • Better word wrapping
  • New text format encourages better translation quality (added our internal tl notes)
  • New text format improves translation speed and accuracy (since we don’t need to run the game now)

I’d also want to tell you about our new member: shi0n. He took Zky’s place in translating Akira’s route. We got into few problems, so his work isn’t displayed in the statistics above and isn’t in the patches we’re distributing. After we’ll sort out those problems, I’ll update Akira’s route TL status.

You can also see that the statistics above differ from the ones before. Percentages are similar, but number of lines is smaller. It’s because now real amount of messages in the game is counted, not just amount of lines in our internal text files with the scenario (which also had some other technical stuff).

Edit by Linktriforce007: I have completed my edits of the common route, and am commencing my work on the Kazuha route. Look forward to it.



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9 responses to “2/16/2012 Status Update.

  1. Bolt

    Simple-appearing but very significant and appreciated improvements, I say~ Anything specific that needs to be done in the IRC channel to download?

  2. Working SMOOTHLY and We are waiting SMOOTHLY lol

  3. Gendo Ikari

    Tried the new CSX and running through the Sora route I found an untranslated line. It’s when they go to the festival at the shrine. Here’s the line, along with the ones preceding and following:

    Amatsume asked us to help her with the festival.


    …Huh? What’s that?

    • Xilexio

      You’re right. Thanks for the info, I’ll work on that.

      • Gendo Ikari

        Just finished Sora’s route and found another untranslated line, at the start of the first H scene.

        • Gendo Ikari

          Oh and while I’m at it, there are 3 untranslated lines in Kazuha’s route as well:

          (#1 Festival at shrine after lake scene)

          Both Ryouhei and Nao-chan;s cups had plenty of tea left.


          Nah, I wouldn’t say that. Akira’s failures are what adds spice to the festival.


          (#2 Birthday party, Ryohei singing “happy birthday”)

          Despite the sudden revelation, everyone accepted it, and blessed her anyway.

          は~ぴば~すで~つ~ゆ~♪ はぁぁ~~~ぴぃ、ぶぁ~~すでぃ~~、つゆ~~~♪

          は~~ぴば~~~でーあ……Akira, Ojou, where’s the candles?


          (#3 Birthday party, Akira singing a TV jingle)

          Anythings, to celebrate something like that…Akira, Sing!

          Okay! らっぱ、お腹が空いたららっぱ寿司ー♪

          Eh, why Rappa Sushi!?

  4. Anon

    Any Haruka Na Sora news?

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