We’re a translation group that’s picking up untranslated works, most notably the Yosuga no Sora visual novel. Currently we’re looking for more translators because we want to get more work done faster. We’re working hard to complete the full patch as soon as possible.


If you have at least moderate understanding of Japanese and would like to help in translation then you’re more than welcome! You don’t need to be a native english speaker. Please send an email to Xilexio <xilexio.yns@gmail.com> or Hecrapan<Hecrapan@hotmail.com>, post a comment somewhere on this site or drop on #xilexio@irc.rizon.net and we’ll get back to you.

Re-translating & help with tools:

There are some projects forking from this one that re-translate our English translation into another language. If you want to start such a project, you can mail me at xilexio.yns@gmail.com and I will provide you with our current scenario scripts (that are better than output of extraction of our patches) and help with tools used to make patches. Of course, if you’re translating straight from Japanese (which is much more accurate), I can help you with the tools too.

IRC channel: #xilexio@irc.rizon.net

Contact with leader: Xilexio <xilexio.yns@gmail.com>

22 responses to “About

  1. ScruffyCin

    Are you still looking for editors? If so, let me know. I would be interested in helping.

  2. Stimpy

    If you are still looking for translators/editors, I would be willing to assist. I’ve only got one year of Japanese under my belt (self-study) and while my vocabulary is crap I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the more common grammar. If you don’t need a translator I volunteer to be an editor. Let me know.

  3. Kazuhiro sama

    Alright guys!!! I’m looking forward to this!!! Once you guys are done, can you make a walk-though? Thank you!!!

  4. Xilexio

    I’m including the walkthrough in the patch. It has 2 lines in the readme file. It’s very straightforward.

  5. Hey guys, I’d be happy to playtest/proofread for you. I know zip japanese, but I’m a grammar and spelling nazi 😛

  6. Kyle

    Do you plan to release also an installer?

  7. Hecrapan

    Yes, but only with the final patch.

  8. Nicolas Metzger

    In what month you plan to finish this translation?

  9. Xilexio

    I honestly do not know. We need to find a good and sanely fast translator to pick up the pace. I was hoping to be done in 2013, though I think it’ll take a bit longer.

  10. If you need an editor, please send me an e-mail. I can help out on my off days and I’m very quick with things.

  11. Xilexio

    Thanks, but linktriforce007 is already doing his job pretty well and we don’t want two editors (it would make the game have two styles of writing).

  12. Julian

    Hey guys, I was just wondering where can I download some of the finished routes, I don’t mind if it’s incomplete. I just wanna see how the game looks.

  13. Xilexio

    You can find the ddl link in the topic of our IRC channel #xilexio@irc.rizon.net.

  14. I entered to the channel but i don’t see the ddl link :[

  15. Hi there!
    I’m interested to translate yns into spanish but when I try to open de csx file with csxtool, it says me that it can’t open the csx file.
    May you can help me? xD

  16. Martin

    Can u please send the link to me ? Can’t find it 😦

  17. Xilexio

    You can grab it on our irc #xilexio@irc.rizon.net. I’ll mail it to you this time.

  18. Xilexio

    Yeah. I kinda messed up, so that it doesn’t work on my own patches, but works on original and old patches. I’ll contact you by mail.

  19. Kenny

    Hey there, I was wondering what is your next visual novel you’re translating after this is done?

  20. Xilexio

    Haruka na Sora (hecrapan already manages it). No further plans, since the team is more like bunch of people willing/asked to work specifically on YNS.

  21. Aotake

    Hey there, I am interested in participating in the translation of the VN, I sent an email to the addresses provided. Looking forward for an answer.

  22. Aotake

    P.S. Thanks !

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