Xilexio (Project Leader)
Peltsu (Translation: currently inactive)
Dr. Al (Translation Check/Translation)
Leidle (Translation Check)
Chikara (Translation Check: currently inactive)
Mad (Recruiting/Quality Checker/Discord Server owner)
Hecrapan (Editing/Proofreading: currently inactive)
AdventSign (Editing/Proofreading)
ExiaR3 (Translation: currently inactive)
Cyrograde (Editing/Proofreading)
MajorPoppingfresh (Editing/Proofreading)
ShiroiSora (Graphics Editing)
Knight001 (Engineer/Hacking)

Please join our Discord server if you are also interested in translating YnS!

The rest of the team is no longer working on this project. I will keep the below names and stuff for archival purposes.

Never forget the comrades we lost on this battlefield!

Previous Staff

Leader & translator & hacking: Xilexio <>

Founder: trjr <>

Yosuga no Sora translators:

  • xtryui (Motoka’s route)
  • shi0n (Nao’s route)
  • Anonymous (Akira’s route)

Yosuga no Sora Proofreader: linktriforce007 <>

Haruka na Sora translators:

  • Obscure (Sora’s route)

Former translators:

  • Xilexio (part of Akira’s route)
  • Cafe (part of Motoka’s route)
  • deltakei (part of Kazuha’s route)
  • valerauko (part of Motoka’s route)
  • trjr
  • Joyjason
  • Zky
  • jiji (part of Akira’s route)
  • Anton00CN (part of Motoka’s route)

Former proofreaders:

  • das_nub
  • Fi11

Special thanks:

  • Hecrapan – former leader of Haruka na Sora project
  • antiquity
  • Habluka – the Master of Eloquence
  • D – help in recruitment
  • Kudryavka – translation of most of Sora’s route
  • Koto – translation of part of Sora’s route
  • The Previous Team (TLWiki and everyone else that helped in translation, but are not active now) – translation of common route and almost complete of Kazuha’s route.
  • LightCat – Helped fix the text spacing issue in Haruka na Sora (very big deal).

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