Kazuha’s route finished! + project status 12/19

After a lot of struggle, Kazuha’s route has been completed. A quick history: most of her route was translated even before trjr started (that is, everything excluding h-scenes), later deltakei took his sweet time, but finally translated first h-scene and then I took my sweet time to translate the other two. But finally, it is completed. It’s translation is nowhere near good, so it will need a solid translation check, but at least we have a good base to work on now.

No staff changes this time. With this new team, everything finally goes well. Also, trjr was giving signs of life lately, so I hope he’ll help us out for example with Kazuha’s scenario tl check. Now, I’ll start to work on deciphering CSX file format for real.

Here are some stats:

  • Sora’s route – finished, 8334/8334 lines done (100%).
  • Nao’s route – 838/7378 lines done (11.3%).
  • Akira’s route – 3473/8860 lines done (39.2%).
  • Kazuha’s route – finished, 6690/6690 lines done (100%).
  • Motoka’s route – 1125/6315 lines done (17.8%).
  • Common route – finished, 2119/2119 lines done (100%).

Overall, 22579/39696 lines done (56.9%).



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53 responses to “Kazuha’s route finished! + project status 12/19

  1. Nanashi

    Translate more you slow faggot.

    Love, Kudo.

  2. Arkan

    That nanashi, what an offensive guy… Humm, will we get edit progress from linked? Just curious~

  3. Kud did the majority of Sora’s route, so I believe respect should be given.

  4. Altair4123

    keep it up

  5. NeoDragon

    I’m so happy to hear the project is progressing steadily and even getting an optional uncensor patch!

    I wish the whole staff a
    Merry Christmas^^

  6. nobody@yahoo.com

    love you ❤

  7. All I want for christmas is a 100% translated akira route!

  8. gutek

    cant wait untill you release full english patch , until then i guess ill just play some other VNs, hope you do it fast guys , really want to play through this game ^^

  9. Kelland Xue

    Yay Yosuga no Sora~~~ Where can I get the patch though?

  10. Railgun

    Can I download this too?

  11. khorne11

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  12. upapa

    nao’s route is far away :(…. i think i d better finish kazuha’s route :(…

  13. Joseph

    Is there no download link for the patch? If not I would appreciate it if someone could send it to me.

  14. Niou

    Keep up the good work and can I ask for the english patch patch please ?:)

  15. Marche90

    A question: If I ask you for a patch now, would this one include the 100% Kazuha route and 40-ish% of the Akira route? If so, send me a patch, please 🙂

  16. Kurenai

    Sora? You translated Sora’s route first?
    Wow… what good taste! I’ll keep tabs on you

  17. Lee

    I need some help… how do I start Sora’s route? The choices I’ve been given so far seem to lead to every other character but her, and after skipping through it only leads to text that isn’t translated.

    • Xilexio

      Sora’s route is locked at first. To unlock it route, you need to finish one of other routes first. For example, Kazuha’s route (which is 100% translated). If you need walkthrough, it’s included in readme file. If it’s not clear, please tell me and I’ll make it simpler.

  18. Yo!. First, nice work!, because this is a really tough job =).
    I want to ask, can you guys send me the partial english patch as well?. Thanks. ^^

  19. Vulk

    Can I please get this patch? :>

    I love you.

  20. Toybatsu

    Can I please have a copy of the patch?

  21. Akott

    Keep up the good work. Also, can I please get a patch? Right now what I want is Sora’s route anyway.

  22. belgaesh

    I played Kazuha’s route a long time ago, but I like it would reaaly love to play it again. So guys, can you send me the newest patch.

    Thanks a lot for your hard work on YnS.

  23. seisyun

    me too. can i have the patch as well? please?

  24. Shiro

    I’d like a patch as well, please and thank you.

  25. Angmir

    Yo guys waiting eagerly for the next update. I so wish I could help with translation. As for now I could probably only be able to help translate moaning in H-scenes :p

    • Xilexio

      This isn’t always so easy, you know… There is huge amount of different onomatopoeia in Japanese, all of which have their own meaning. It’s kind of hard to distinct two “slurps” from each other in English later, so it often becomes the same. Though, with some dose of “creativity”, you can make it out distinct in English too. Plus, sometimes there is some content mixed inside moaning like “Ha… ruka…” or words being cut short. I’d rather not dwell on this too much though…

  26. Harag

    I’v just finished Sora’s route.
    Thank you very much, now I can rest in peace^^ 😛
    I will keep following you since I came to like the story and I’m curious about Akira’s route.

    Also could somebody enlighten me abaut what Haruka no Sora is? I know it’s a fandisc but what does that mean?

    • Xilexio

      Well, it’s a fan disk (whatever it means), “fun disk” in official Sphere’s materials (misspelling?), but in the end it is an official disk by Sphere containing 3 additional routes: continuation of Sora’s route, Yahiro’s route (looks good btw) and Kozue’s route. Apart from that, it also contains stuff like 6 very short (100-150 lines) character introduction stories and wallpapers.
      If you liked Yosuga no Sora, probably you’ll want to get it for new routes.

  27. Could I possibly get the patch for sora’s route? thanks!

  28. joshua

    Can I please have a copy of the patch?

  29. I know we are hurrying you guys for the tough job But it’s our interest after all so I’m really looking forward to this patch Keep up the good work

  30. Angmir

    Can we expect the new progress report this weekend ? I chęcią this witek several times a day now 😉

  31. Angmir

    Lol pardon me I was wrighting this post from my mobile with my spellcheck on fixed on polish language.

  32. 美羽

    Thanks so much for working on this, I’ve been wanting to play Yosuga no Sora in english for so long. If it’s okay, could I have the current patch sent to me please?

  33. 結城明

    So how could I get a copy of the translation

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