The New 2/17/2013 patch

All right! Linktriforce007 again, bringing news from the YnS team. Before anyone asks about HnS, I have to say that I have no idea, because I’m not on the staff of that project, seeing as how that is secondary priority compared to Yosuga no Sora. (But I love Kozue as well, so I’m still excited!)

Anyway, thank you for your comments regarding the Kazuha Route. I have finished revising the common route that was covered by using the choices “We’ve Grown Right?” “She’s An Amusing Friend” and “That’s What’s Interesting,” which leads to the Kazuha route.

I also addressed the script issues that were noted in the Kazuha route. I don’t know why it wasn’t translated, but it wasn’t.

Well, the new patch contains my changes so far in the Kazuha route, so not all of it is done, but a little bit of it is.

As usual, to apply the new patch, you have to start a new save file and use the “Skip” feature to progress to where you were before.

As usual, the newest patch is available in the channel topic of our IRC channel

Drop a line in the comments box or at the IRC if you ever come across a script problem like an untranslated line! I hope to catch it before you do, but I can only work so fast!



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20 responses to “The New 2/17/2013 patch

  1. altair00

    I first discovered this page 2 months ago and me (and surely everyone) are very thankful for what you guys are doing. Keep up with the good work!!

  2. Big

    Can anyone tell me how IRC channel wok

  3. david

    More than a thanks, I don’t think word’s can describe what they’re doing for us all.

  4. Lynx

    Am I the only one who likes Yahiro?

    Anyway good job!

  5. Yuuichi

    Can someone explain how to access the IRC to find the patch? I’m kinda new to this. Thanks in advance :3

  6. SurferDude

    Thanks for the new and improved patch, guys.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Dan

    Is it possible perhaps to just get the patch through mail as it was the case with the Sora patch? I’m really a noob at handling IRC…

  8. cicosis

    this path translate 100% sora and kazuha?? i see the day below sora is 100% translated….?

  9. how to download it… i confused

  10. LoveLove Maid

    Ahh…it seems i might be the only one who loves simple, plain things…such as Motoka-san…can’t wait to see how her route will fares..

    oh and arigatou “TRJR” i am so mesmerized by all your hardworks..”Thumps up” “Salute” “Bows”

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