Streak-Sama comes out of the shadows!

Hello everyone.  I’m Streak-Sama and I just recently  joined the TRJR project to aid with the work on Yosuga No Sora.

I’m not a translator or a proofreader, Im not even a programmer.  My work on the game  is focused  in the area of decensoring the  H-CG.

I will be posting small updates every now and again to let everyone know how complete it is.

The current progress is…

Kasugano Sora 10/15 HCG

Yorihime Nao 0/17 HCG

Amatsume Akira 3/16 HCG

Migiwa Kazuha 0/12 HCG

Nogisaka Motoka 0/14 HCG

I hope to finish this by the time (or atleast a few weeks after) the YNS translation is done. No actual timeline though. Ill be working at my own pace to ensure that the final result is of the best quality.

I hope you all enjoyed this little announcement.

Also a big thank you to the TRJR team for giving me this opportunity.

If you decide you don’t want to have uncensored images then you don’t have to use them. The English TL is a completely separate line of work.

That’s all folks! I hope you have a happy holiday.



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16 responses to “Streak-Sama comes out of the shadows!

  1. Hecrapan

    Now as you may have noticed, (and if you don’t you should really read the post again) the Uncensored CG’s will be completely OPTIONAL. They will be distributed either as a separate download or as an extra option in the final version of the patch installer. Streak-sama will also be working at his own pace so the CG’s might or might not be ready by the time the translation of Yosuga No Sora is complete.

    And before anyone asks, no we wont be distributing his work until it is 100% completed.

  2. Xilexio

    Let me add that with his speed he’ll probably be done way before the end of translation.

    • xPoWx~

      Playing YnS i always thought I’d never in my life have a more awesome VN experience than YnS…..but YnS with uncensored CGs (!!!) omg…..I can say even before you finish, this will redefine “awesome”.

      I had quite some things to do in private life, that’s why I didn’t comment on your last few statuses, but I always kept reading, and I’m still following and awaiting your next piece of work….you’re still great for doing this, keep going 😉
      (BtW due to some software trouble i might have a different symbol now, posting, but I’m still xPowx~, now with a capital w)

  3. SurferDude

    Good luck to Streak-Sama. Uncensored CGs for a fan-translated VN is not something you see every day.

  4. Arkan

    Besides how awesome I think it is of you to do this, I can really only think of one thing to say…

    Is your name an abbreviation of Streaker? Cause, you uncensor things, so they’re naked-naked again, so… Streaker?

    (I’m sorry…)

  5. Leo

    wow, this is simply awesome.

  6. tubehunter

    Awesome news.
    99% of the time, the work of fans are better than the work of commercial companies. This applies to manga scanlator, anime fansubber, and of course, vn translation.
    Some companies are too lazy to decensor these days. Also, in the old times, their decensor are really badly done. The dicks are just smooth pipes, and the vago are just one line of cracks.
    I am looking forward for your work.

  7. BishiDe

    Thanks for making it optional. Not everyone wants this kind of thing in the VNs they read..

  8. Cool.

    Back, hopefully starting to actually do work on the project again in the next few days.

  9. Mikomakoman

    Hats off to you good Sir

  10. ariman

    Hi, Streak-Sama, thanks a lot in advance for your decensoring work, hope we can enjoy your nice work early.

  11. Uhmm I don’t know whether I should post it here or via IRC but in anycase imma just post it here

    I’ve saw some typos 🙂

    • streaksama

      I edited your comment to remove the link. The trjr team appreciates the effort, but proofreading is still not done on many of the routes and won’t be for some time.

      We ask that if anyone comes across them to please let it slide until all work is done.

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