Project status update

It’s been a month, so here’s project status.

I calculated the number of lines in each route today, so you can have a look at each route’s length too this time.

  • Sora’s route – no changes, but I counted for real what’s done more accurately this time – 4924/8334 lines done (59.1%). It seems it was very close to what I guessed before (60%), having only a quick look.
  • Nao’s route – no changes, 0/7378 lines done (0%).
  • Akira’s route – I worked on it, definitely not as much as I wanted to, because I was working on project management and wasn’t fast enough. 1894/8860 lines done (21.4%).
  • Kazuha’s route – no changes, 5872/6690 lines done (87.8%), 3 missing H-scenes.
  • Motoka’s route – no changes, 0/6170 lines done (0%).
  • Common route – finished, 2119/2119 lines done (100%).
  • Bad end – is being slowly translated by a beginner, I don’t have the scenario now, so let’s say that it’s just not ready yet. ?/145 lines done (?%).

The project has exactly 39696 lines in total. Counting the tiny bad end as 0%, we have 14809/39696 lines done (37.3%) overall.

On a side note, it was only today that I realized that I took the longest route in the game – Akira’s. It’s even longer than Sora’s route ^.^

Now, time for news, as quite a lot has happened besides translation this month.

Recently, I created a “Staff” page with everyone currently being active in the project. It lists trjr too, but for the time being, I think it’s safe to mark him as inactive. I hope he will join us later though.

In comments to last post, mysterious “D” said, that he had Sora’s route for around 8 months now. Indeed, he had, but it was the incomplete one one of our members, Fi11, found earlier. He also managed to contact Kudryavka, translator of Sora’s route and got other scenario files he was working on, as I wrote in last post. I browsed though it, and it seems that after a simple copy-paste work (or writing a script to do it, which shouldn’t be hard here), we’ll have another 765 new lines from Sora’s route (only 100 lines were duplicated in what we have now and what is there). That would give us 68.3% of Sora’s route in total and 39.2% overall. I’ll take care of this sometime soon.

By the way, the Sora’s route “D” was talking about and we have is translated like that: it has just a few lines translated from the beginning and later, from some point (around 40-45%) until the end, it is translated fully. That patch came with saves to be able to find those places.

“D” also helped me in contacting other translation groups. I don’t want to be hasty, but there’s high probability that soon, I won’t be the only active translator. More news next time, once we’ll see how things will go. Trying to get more translators to work on this piece of art was the reason for why I didn’t only focus on translating recently – but it will pay off.

Because there were informations like that in comments, I’d like to note that we didn’t release any patches to public and we did not translate those partially translated Kazuha’s and Sora’s routes that can be found on /jp/ or other places.

This page doesn’t seem to have any decent images yet, so let me add one (I think it won’t count for a spoiler):

A screenshot from the game (JP) from the point I was translating some time ago.



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32 responses to “Project status update

  1. Xilexio

    Sorry for a wall of text. I have a tendency to create those. By the way – do I fuss over the numbers too much?

    • xP0wx~

      i don’t think so, it’s nice to have an accurate view of how far you guys are now, and even if it costs some time it’s worth it….well anyways now that we have this info you probably don’t need to add a completely accurate percentage every time, just once in a while is fine.

      And also keep going…I loved the game and i still loved it, I’ll wait for you guys to finish this…so don’t hurry, don’t worry, just keep going 🙂
      (BTW at least I have no problem if you write a “wall of text” as an update)

    • david

      I’m rooting for you guys, the work must be daunting like hell.

  2. pg

    nice that you are trying to get more people to help you translate it.If you ever plan to work on Haruka no Sora afterwards,perharps you will already have a team ready to do that as well.

    • fi11

      Maybe I misunderstood your message, but we do not even have enough translators for the main project let alone enough to start on haruka no sora.

      • xP0wx~

        i think he meant that you may be succesful recruiting MOAR translators and that those you’re going to recrute will also help on HnS if you do that afterwards…
        Btw: I just recently found out, that HnS is a sequel, before I always thought it was just a CG disk or sth >.< but now it isn't anymore on c interwebz, does anyone know if there's still a possibility to get Haruka na Sora (the VN)?

      • Xilexio

        From what I see on vndb and official site, Haruka na Sora is an official CD. I haven’t checked it out yet. For now, I won’t promise anything about making a translation project for it later. It’s still not the time for it – we’re not even at 50% of the original game yet.
        And if you want to get Haruka na Sora, maybe try searching amazon or whatever (especially jp ones). If not, you can try the easy way – contacting J-List staff if they could get it for you, assuming it’s still available. They added to the store Kanon Standard Edition once, when I asked them for it.
        @fi11: It’s Haruka na Sora (ハルカナソラ), not “no” (ノ).

      • xP0wx~

        Well I checked amazon, ebay, the german, english and japanese version, but they don’t have it^^’
        I also looked on google, some importing websites and such….Nobody has it anymore, craneanime HAD it, but the links are down and it may take really much time to reup them; basically it’s hard to find, no matter if you’re looking for a download-version or a buyable version….
        I’m currently contacting the J-list staff as you said, but I fear if they don’t have it, i’ll never be able to play it T_T
        Thanks for the tips anyway…

      • Xilexio

        Try those two links. If I’m not mistaken, it’s available. Though, I don’t know if international shopping is possible:
        I found it by entering Haruka na Sora’s JAN number (whatever that means) 4580290670191 from vndb into google. Don’t falter!

  3. Hecrapan

    Not really. Besides i think this way is better than the previous messages, you give way more info than trjr and from the coments that makes people happy.

  4. Ceraith

    Don’t worry about the post being too long because the more information you give us on the progression, the more we are informed how things are coming along. As for the numbers you post, I like it. It tells me how much of that route is left and about how long it will be finished. Please continue these posts like these.

  5. Gravy

    Awesome progress! I’m so glad to see somebody working on this! These posts are perfect, informative and easy to understand. Keep it up, guys!

  6. fi11

    I can’t wait to get home and continue editing! Akira is so cute!!

  7. khorne11

    I cannot wait for this patch, thank you so much for making it XD!!! p.s. i didn’t mind but I think its better to post a sprite than a cg when posting a screenshot, its LESS of a spoiler 😀 thanks again you guys are awesome

  8. SurferDude

    @ xP0wx

    It really sucks when companies refuse to take your money, right ? If you still can’t find a place to buy it, go to and search for “ハルカナソラ”. At least one of the torrents there will have seeds.

  9. xP0wx~

    So although I may speak some phrases and words I got from some animes/VNs/hell/Index Prohibitum Librorum/ I can’t read a bit of kanji or any other japanese/chinese/whatever letters, in fact I don’t even exactly know what Kanji’s, which greatly troubles me to find out what to do after I clicked on the links xD

    THEREFOR: As the J-List dudes answered I’ll just trust them for now, that they’ll really add it to their site in a short time…’cause it’ll probably cause less trouble than buying from some japanese site with the help from allmighty google translator…..
    if that fails i’ll try bitsnoop and after that the japanese sites….

    About companies: Well yes, I always wondered about that logic…but whatever “it’s japanese, who the fuck needs logic anyways”….i mean they have a festival in which they give penis-shaped candy free to all underaged girls (18+ have to pay)….I mean wtf is that supposed to mean?

    anyways thanks to you, it seems I really have a realistic chance to get the game^^….”you are teh awesome” to quote some random guys from CrunchyRoll…

    To express my gratefulness I’ll help you guys once I really can help with anything (may take a few years; i’m still in school :3) and if I can’t help I’ll go and donate once I got really something to donate….keep going I’m cheering for you 🙂

  10. gyuuula gyuuula

    Akira is my fav, so 頑張って!

  11. xP0wx~

    They added(!!!)HnS to their stock (J-List)
    Well since life is a battle and you get screwed as a fan by the Japanese industry they’re already (i believe they added them something around 3 hours ago?) nearly sold out…(2 left)

    As I said life’s a battle and one needs determination to achieve something, so I’m buying it right away ;D Thanks for the tip…although that devours the pocket money i got the last half year lol

    Btw I’m posting here so maybe someone else gets the chance to buy it too 😉

    • xP0wx~

      my mom doesn’t allow me to buy it and i don’t have a credit card or sth
      …(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ┬──┬

      (‘ °-°) …

      ……..I need to use every last bit of persuasive power I have x.x
      Wish me good luck…

    • Xilexio

      Chill out. I think its normal for them. With Kanon Standard Edition they added only 2 copies too. After all, they don’t know how well will it sell. Especially for 110$.
      Anyway, best luck with getting it!

      • xP0wx~

        I managed to persuade them with all my might. Victory is mine.( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!
        Time for a victory dance:
        Let’s\(・ω・)/にゃー!Hayore!└( > ω < )┘
        (Dance of Nyaruko-san)
        Also thanks again for giving me tips how to find HnS on the internet…ヾ(^∇^)
        To quote Crunchyroll once again: "You are teh awesome."

  12. Good work guys!
    I’m so thankful that someones actually trying to translate this .>

  13. AllenaReifu

    I can’t wait for this >.<.. after the translation finish, is the download link will be available ini here? :3

  14. Naraku93

    Thanks for your work, I’d like to play Sora’s route.

  15. xP0wx~

    HnS arrived today. My life is complete. Arigatou.

  16. oniichan22

    I forgot about this project.. please do your best.

    On an unrelated note, Kanajox3, anyone know if there’s a project going on for it? I’d give anything to have that and YnS translated.
    Or maybe I should pick up learning moon again.. yea, probably.

  17. david

    It’s been a long month now, hows the project coming along?

    • Xilexio

      Sorry, but I’ll post it next week. To tell the truth, I am busy with makeup exam until 8th, so no much progress on my part (still, there is some from first half of last month). From good news, there are 3 new translators that started working on the project (Motoka’s route, finishing Sora’s route and Kazuha’s route), but I haven’t gotten any script from them yet. I’ll post in more detail next week. Maybe at least one of them will be able to give me first part of their translated lines by then.

  18. XxSiXeSxX

    Do your best guys. trjr FTW

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