Project status – 9/15

I’m finally done with other things, so I’m getting back to the project. Sorry for the wait.

So, in last few days I merged what I got from our QCrs with current scenario files. Our QCrs are improving readability and removing spelling and grammar errors from what’s already done, and they seem to be doing a good job.

As for my part, I pretty much haven’t made any progress since mid-August, because I had something else to do with bigger priority. In the first part of the month, apart from translating Akira’s route, I was working on recruiting new translators from some of existing fansub groups. Now, I have good and bad news. Good news – I managed to get us three new translators:

  • Anonymous – anonymous translator that promised to work on remainder of Sora’s route.
  • valerauko – will translate Motoka’s route.
  • deltakei – will translate missing parts of Kazuha’s route.

Bad news – they haven’t translated anything yet and Anonymous didn’t reply me about the progress yet.

Also, as I noted in comments in last post, I merged what Fi11 got with our current scripts, so we have more lines done in Sora’s route too.

So, here’s current line translation status:

  • Sora’s route – merged in some lines, 5686/8334 lines done (68.2%).
  • Nao’s route – no changes, 0/7378 lines done (0%).
  • Akira’s route – a bit of progress, 2347/8860 lines done (26.5%).
  • Kazuha’s route – it’s got a new translator for missing scenes and also is being QC’d, no new lines, 5872/6690 lines done (87.8%).
  • Motoka’s route – it’s got a new translator, no new lines, 0/6170 lines done (0%).
  • Common route – finished, mostly QC’d, 2119/2119 lines done (100%).
  • Bad end – partially done, I’ll finish it myself, I’m yet to check it, 52/145 lines done (35.9%).

Overall, 16076/39696 lines done (40.5%).

By the way, if you wish to talk with me about the project or anything else, I started appearing on lately.



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12 responses to “Project status – 9/15

  1. harkland

    Good to see you’re still interested in this.

    Personally, looking at the mish-mash of half-completed/quarter-completed routes is giving ME a headache, and I’m just an observer (who’s eating a toblerone, fuck yeah).

  2. uppappa

    im looking forward to playing this game.
    if I had seen this homepage, Id have been studying japanese XD really i appreciate it 😀

  3. xP0wx~

    I’ll say the same I do every update:
    Keep going, the game is awesome, you’re awesome

  4. david

    Hey, thanks for the update guys. I can’t wait for completion of sora’s route.

  5. Shii

    Awesome, keep up the good work.. Cant wait for the Sora Route.

  6. SurferDude

    So will it be possible to request the Sora route through e-mail when you complete it ?

    • Xilexio

      Sure. Today the Anonymous translator that’s doing it wrote me back, and I think he’ll be able to complete it before spring. I’ll keep you informed of results I’ll get from him.

  7. Evacerberus

    Thanks for picking up this project, I have been observing this translation since the latter half of 2011 and I’m super appreciative of your still working on it. To be honest, I’ll hold out till even Nao’s route, I really liked all of them, so once again, thanks!

  8. NarukamiYu

    This is really fantastic that you guys have been dedicated to this project for this long. I REALLY appreciate the work you guys are doing, and I’ll be really excited to see Sora’s route 100% complete. As the above poster “SurferDude” asked, I’d absolutely love to get that route when it’s finished. I’ll be checking up here every once in a while to keep track of how things are going. Keep at it guys! :] If only I knew Japanese I’d be more than happy to help, sadly I’m only just now beginning to learn… :\

  9. Enes Custovic

    Hey guys, to all you translators out there;

    Please, don’t think that it doesn’t matter if you stay in touch with us. We are your audience, don’t be shy to say you stopped doing something or are going full speed ahead.
    There is no one to yell at you, all we ask is to keep us updated. Even if you don’t do anything,
    type “I am busy with other things”
    Any little detail helps us understand you and feel for you. We love you and your efforts. Don’t you forget that.

    • I will agree with this. Letting us know that this is still alive, even if there is no progress, is still better than leaving us hanging. We’re not gonna fire you for non-progress, but the fact that all of us are waiting eagerly for the translation but not seeing any form of update really causes quite a few of us major distress. At least if it’s dead and we know it, we can live on knowing that it’s gone kaput.

      That said, I really wish we could see a full Sora Route patch soon.

      • Xilexio

        The project is going on. A good proofreader with experience (over 7 months and many titles) joined us, so he will proofread the whole game in one, consistent style. To my astonishment, he wasn’t taken aback by the 40k lines. And, he already started.
        I got back to the translation and am making a (slow) progress. As our new proofreader suggested, I’ll do the bad end quickly so that there will be a 100% route.
        valerauko promised to start working on Motoka’s route before Tuesday. Deltakei is not far from first missing part of Kazuha’s route. I didn’t contact the anonymous translator of Sora’s route, so no info here.
        I wasn’t planning on posting until around the half of the month. If you really want more frequent updates than once a month, drop by on and there I can tell you the current progress everyday. It just takes some time to make that post (do some calculations, explain changes and format it nicely), so I don’t want to do it each week or so.
        Also, there isn’t a single reason for the project to be dropped now. If anything happens, I’ll write it clearly. As for now, I don’t see anything bad like that coming.

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