The biggest update in project history

By far. Not an exaggeration. There is a lot to unpack. Read carefully!

Here’s the short version first:

  • Sora HnS route done
  • Yahiro HnS route done
  • Common+Kazuha final edit
  • We need more staff! Coders, Programmers, a Doujin artist to uncensor stuff, and a translator!
  • Anthology manga translated 1/3 of the way Digital port, meaning YnS is easier to get
  • We now own other YnS sites and have partners.
  • Help translating YnS into other languages! Good chance you can help!
  • Staff overhaul and big update for original VN translation project Leadership change. Amanojaku resigns after 10 years
  • We translated some doujins and more!
  • Special treat for those who visit the blog every 2 weeks
  • Kozue route info

1. Sora’s route in Haruka na Sora has been translated! This is the biggest news for the YnS English fandom in over 10 years!!! The sequel route to the most popular girl in YnS. Credit to SlavophilesAnonymous! He did amazing work, and the translation quality is good enough that we can start editing immediately! In fact we have started! He (along with Bakio who I will get to later) are the only people to completely translate a route solo! Go get the new HnS patch in #patch-and-game, in our discord server! Final edit of Sora’s route soon!

2. Yahiro’s route in Haruka na Sora has been translated! And editing was started by a new staff member named waffletown654 (who is himself extremely skilled at Japanese, and is doubling as a TLC). That’s right, 2 routes are now translated that weren’t in the last update! Sergio Bakio did this solo! We are forever grateful to him and Slavo. But wait there’s more!

3. Common route has been fully edited. As is Kazuha! The first time a route has achieved it’s final form! This is the final release for these 2 routes and no more changes will be made! More info on the original VN project later in the post.

4. TRJR needs staff! DM me on discord, or comment here if you are interested. Roles available:

  • We additionally need more translators, due to the departure of Tophler, and the discovery of new content. 2-3 needed..
  • Someone to help us decensor some doujins we have translated!
  • Someone to help me with the wiki. I am overhauling it, and have made a lot of progress. But I need help!

5. The Anthology manga has been translated up to chapter 9! Plus Chapter 2 of Volume 2. There is more work to be done. But this manga is entirely original, and official Sphere approved YnS content! A must read if you are a YnS fan! Wanna read it? More on that later in the post…

6. We have made a digital port for the translation patches. For both Haruka na Sora and Yosuga no Sora! If you want to get the game legally, i.e. pay to support Sphere… this is the easiest way! Finding a physical copy is hard. This guide will teach you how to set it up! This should drastically increase the number of people who buy YnS in the West!

7. We now own the YnS subreddit, and if you are a redditor you should check it out! The place has been revived. We also now curate the Wiki and are in the midst of an overhaul! If you wanna help me with the Wiki lemme know. Also we are now partnered with Fuwanovel! They have new owners. Owned by Visual-Novel.Info hub now, which is a German website. They are in the middle of a revitilisation effort/revamp, and their community is pretty cool! They helped us get some staff for the project. Check out their forums here:

8. More on editing progress for the original VN project! There was a rough stretch but serious work started back up a few months ago, and I am certain the issues we faced have been worked out. In this short span of time we have fully edited common and Kazuha’s route, with more to come!

Let me explain the issue we ran into, and why it is now fixed, and why it’s all good news again!

To provide the best reading experience possible, we are trying to keep the final edit stylistically consistent. This means each girl must have one editor the whole way through, and if they fail to finish, we have to restart the whole route. Unfortunately the editors we recruited over the past 2 years couldn’t meet this goal. The good news is, this came with the asterisk that we didn’t really try that hard to recruit editors. Now that real effort is being made for the first time to recruit, editing is going smoothly.

Amanojaku never replaced the last batch of editors we recruited in July 2021, who ultimately gave up early, so no progress was made for a year. We finally hired new ones, and they have made big progress, far surpassing the half-hearted editing push we made before. Common route was finished by Lynx, who has started work on Sora (YnS) as well! Kazuha is also finished, thanks to EnormousSpud, who promises to do Motoka too!

Bakio has moved on to Nao TLC, and we hired an editor (Okarin) to work behind him. Both can be trusted to finish.

The entire stagnation can be almost entirely chalked up to Amanojaku being unable to allocate his time into recruiting editors. Which segues us into the next update…

9. I am now the project leader. Amanojaku just doesn’t have the time anymore to lead. Our beloved leader resigned after 10 years. He got us from 35% to 98% translated completely by himself as project leader. I was helping lead the project for the final 2% of translation, and now the editing phase. So he dragged us a long way over the years. His dedication was invaluable. I have lots of time and motivation to work, and Amanojaku thinks I am capable, so I hope it all goes well!

He is still a member of the project, and continues to help with small things. Mostly engineering (He is a skilled coder). This is not goodbye! Amanojaku is still with us, and partakes in work regularly! He just can’t lead anymore. It is for the best, as things were really stagnating due to his time constraints.

10. There is some bad news for the project. Akira’s TLC was found to be inadequate. Al did a fine job with his work on Motoka, Kazuha and Common. Akira was the last route he TLC’ed and I think he got sloppy from burnout. So it needs to be redone sadly. This work is being done by a new translator named lishin. Who is a skilled translator, a big Akira fan, and already did work for us in the form of doujin translating. Additionally all editing progress done by editors who couldn’t finish has to be redone. This is why the total Editing percentages has gone down from 29% to 27%. Indeed progress was completely reset to 0% at one time! But we have already almost reached our previous high point (that took over 3 years to hit), in just 2.5 months.

This was always our intention, we were just too lazy to reset the editing percentages each time an editor dropped out. But we are finally on stable footing with regards to editing, like I said earlier. So expect this to start going up, and to never look back!

11. We have found a large treasure trove of other YnS related items that we are translating, and will post about! Namely the Drama CDs, and Web Dramas and other unique voiced content. Plus some previously unscanned doujins, and an entire fanmade VN (high quality)! Last but not least… an official CUFFs crossover Visual Novel, featuring Sora! We will post about those more in the future. Rest assured we have the staff to translate this (but more applications are welcome). In fact, the former Sora route HnS translator (Slavo) has been reassigned to do Haruka no Yosuga (The fanmade VN about Trap Haru)! We also did some doujins already. They can be found here here and here. Lishin did the sister complex one. An Anonymous translator did the other two!

12: Bi-weekly updates from here on out I promise! Now that we got the big update out of the way, I feel comfortable milking out tiny details to keep you engaged. This means we will start to post the Anthology manga as part of Bi-Weekly updates! 1 chapter every 2 weeks. We do have 11 chapters translated, as I said. But that doesn’t mean they are edited into the panels yet (it’s just in text file format for now, we have a panel editor who is working hard). So we will limit the postings to once every 2 weeks!


13. There are other Yosuga no Sora Projects translating things into other languages! Can you speak one of these languages? Then you can probably help in some way! And they could all use recruits! We are partnering with them, and helping them get staff, since there is not much overlap in our staff recruitment efforts… the languages in question are:


Go check out the new pages dedicated to them! And if you want to start a new language project not listed, lemme know! I can give you lots of tools and resources, and even volunteers! I have had great success in recruiting for other languages, even the small Czech project. So even if there aren’t many YnS fans who speak your native tongue, I can help you make it happen!

Some of these projects are relying on our English patch. So your English skills need to be passable! However, Japanese and Chinese skills would also be very appreciated. Do note that the Chinese, French, German Russian and Spanish projects are looking for JP knowledgeable people only due to staff surpluses.

14. Oh ya… Kozue route is a thing! Last girl not in English. She is about 14% of the way, thanks to the efforts of Watanuki Taiga (who also contributed in other big ways, in regards to coding). The translation so far is high quality, and Taiga is picking up pace. I can promise you a fully translated Kozue by 2024, and possibly sooner.

15. Percentages:

Yosuga no Sora

Translation (TL) / Translation Check (TLC) / Editing (ED) progress:
Common: TL 100% TLC 100% ED 100%
Sora: TL 100% TLC 100% ED 14%
Nao: TL 100% TLC 16% ED 15%
Akira: TL 100% TLC 16% ED 0%
Kazuha: TL 100% TLC 100% ED 100%
Motoka: TL 100% TLC 100% ED 0%

Total: TL 100% TLC 64% ED 27%

Haruka na Sora

Translation (TL) / Translation Check (TLC) / Editing (ED) progress:
Sora: TL 100% TLC 100% ED 0%
Yahiro: TL 100% TLC 4% ED 4%
Kozue: TL 14% TLC 14% ED 0%
countdown: TL 0% TLC 0% ED 0%
karaoke: TL 0% TLC 0% ED 0%
akira_intro: TL 0% TLC 0% ED 0%
nao_intro: TL 0% TLC 0% ED 0%
sora_intro: TL 100% TLC 100% ED 9%
kazuha_intro: TL 0% TLC 0% ED 0%
motoka_intro: TL 0% TLC 0% ED 0%
kozue_intro: TL 0% TLC 0% ED 0%

Total: TL 66% TLC 41% ED 1%

16. Join the discord! The bots are even more updated now, and we got stickers and you can have an emote next to your nametag now.


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  1. I’m so glad we’ve reached this point! We’re far from finished, but I’m still glad such important material is released, now.

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