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Holy shit banner

So I’m in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatamala for 2 more months without translation capability. This is for a soul-searching sabbatical after a number of personal tragedies and professional issues came up and I just couldn’t function properly, either as translator to YnS or in general. As the founder of the project I feel like a dick for dumping the project on the rest of the team.

And they’re doing beautifully without me. There’s an actual banner on the site, Xilexio has emailed me a number of times (keep up the emails on status updates, by the way) and the progress looks so much better than I could have imagined it. Hopefully when I return from my soul-searching I’ll do something radical and great. Like quit my job and work full time translating and filmmaking independently…


See you in two more months, everyone. Hopefully we’ll be working on Haruka no Sora by then. TRJR out.



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Strange stuff, making progress, hard to get time to post

My ISP is shutting my service off. I use public access for internet and translate at home when I can. We’ve made more progress on the route (Or at least Xilexio has been working his ass off on his route, I’m still jumping around fixing stuff up and translating here and there like a squirrel with ADD)


Yeah, it’s slow going and there’s always things in our way, but we will get this done eventually. Promise.

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Still alive…

We’re working on Akira’s route, release date TBA.

I don’t know how the patch is going to work out, maybe you could… email me… about it… or something… when it does come out… to figure out how to get it.

Funny, I’ve seemed to have forgotten my email address… Maybe I will remember it and post it… when we have a full patch…

Yeah, that would be cool.


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Moving right along…

We’re doing a major grammar fix and rework of what we already have translated. A bunch of the lines got transplanted / shifted and we don’t want to have slightly off-timing dialogue because that could lead to, say, H-scene dialogue in a classroom scene. Which would be bad.


But yeah, moving right along as always. 


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We’re back!

We’ve got 2 new guys to replace the one we lost (Still trying to work out communication with them) and I can resume working on the project semi-full time! Not sure exactly where we are in terms of completion, so update on a patch when we get everything together, but we can officially say the project is moving along again at full force!


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More bad news

So, one of our guys just went completely insane and just walked out on us. Sent us what he had but we’re down to 2 guys working part-time on this.


Oh, and I might get a write-up if I don’t finish this project for my boss soon, got the warning email this morning. And I’m already in a bit of trouble at work so that’s essentially “Finish the job or you’re fired.” So I need to put my backbone into that. Ideally I could put full-time work into translating but being in debt sucks and means I need to hold down a job. That means one person working on the project.


Don’t panic, we will finish this eventually, it will just mean more delays. I feel so shitty about telling you guys this after not posting and delays and stuff like that. But it can’t be helped.


I’d love to continue working as hard as I can. I picked this project up to see it finish, and I guarantee it will finish. There’s just shit that’s come up. We can put out a better-than-50% patch probably by mid-to-late february.


Thank you for your patience. Please don’t kill me, I hope you understand.


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Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

And then production was delayed for 24 hours because we don’t have online backup. Stupid fucking cheap memory.

Shouldn’t mean too much of a delay, should still be able to release completely on time, but oh god what.


by | January 3, 2012 · 1:53 pm