1. Where can I get the latest patch?

Here is a page explaining that. You can also click the “Download” link at the top of the page.

2. What is the relation between Yosuga no Sora and Haruka na Sora?

Haruka na Sora is a “Fun Disk” (whatever that means) of Yosuga no Sora. In practice it is a sequel containing 3 additional routes: Kozue and Yahiro routes (independent from other routes) and continuation of Sora’s route from Yosuga no Sora. It also contains a short karaoke route, where the bunch from Yosuga no Sora has some fun and also introductions of all heroines by Kozue. Haruka na Sora translation project will begin for real after Yosuga no Sora is complete (or somebody else starts it).

3. Where can I buy the game?

This can be actually a bit hard to someone who doesn’t know Japanese, since some stores require you to type the game name in Japanese. Here are the keywords you can use while searching for it: ヨスガノソラ – Yosuga no Sora, ハルカナソラ – Haruka na Sora, 通常版 – Regular Edition, 初回限定版 – First Press Limited Edition. Below are direct links to Amazon sites where you can buy the game:

4. Which version is better? Regular Edition or First Press Limited Edition?

First Press Limited Editions just contain additional goodies. See it for yourself in the following unboxing posts by linktriforce007:

To sum it up probably only Haruka na Sora’s First Press Limited Edition is worth it.

5. Where can I download the game?

This is a commercial software developed by Sphere (official Yosuga no Sora site, official Haruka na Sora site). You have to buy it. The stuff you can download for free is:

  • Yosuga no Sora Trial Version [VNDB] – http://www.cuffs-sphere.jp/products/yosuga/download.html under the WEB TRIAL section. There are some free Yosuga no Sora goodies there too. Note that we do not release a patch for the Trial Version. Maybe if there will be enough demand…
  • Haruka na Sora has no Trial Version. There are some free goodies here though.

6. Where can I donate?

I appreciate the thought, but we don’t accept donations. Just use that money on buying the game itself or even its First Press Limited Edition to support the company that made it.

7. Are all of those questions really frequently asked?

Besides this particular question, each of them was asked at least twice. Those are not the direct quotes though.

31 responses to “FAQ

  1. Xilexio

    Please leave a comment if there are some dead links. Thank you.

  2. Kirashi

    One question: what is the difference between Yosuga no Sora and Haruka na Sora? They both have Sora route

  3. Xilexio

    Answered in #2. If you want a more detailed description or other question, drop a comment.

  4. Correcting an spelling mistake ^_^
    FAQ #2, It should be Fan Disc :3

  5. Xilexio

    I know it seems weird, but the producer named it “Fun Disk”. I’m just quoting him. See any Haruka na Sora title image, e.g. on official site http://www.cuffs-sphere.jp/products/haruka/index.html. There is clearly a “u” there.

  6. Kozue Best Girl

    Apparently YnS and HnS don’t ship outside of Japan. Can anyone confirm or deny because I’ve almost saved up enough for ’em and don’t want it to be for nothing.

  7. Tabu

    Thank you for this 🙂

  8. Christown

    In regards to Yosuga no Sora, will applying the official 1.01 fix from Sphere break the translation, and is it even necessary to apply the 1.01 fix at all?


  9. Máximo Ramírez

    I also want to know this. Can you answer, please?

    Also, thanks you for all of this.

  10. n°7: omg guys you are real heros, if there is anything I can do to help just let me now.

  11. Nathan Bourne

    You’ve stated there’s a partial translation of Haruka na Sora, but I can’t see where to download it. I’m assuming it’s not available for download yet, and won’t be until Yosuga no Sora has been fully translated? Also, you can buy Haruka na Sora and download it off the official cuffs.co.jp website, but it leads to dmm then you need to make an account and loads of other stuff. Most important thing is you need a debit card belonging to someone over 18 to buy it.

  12. limonpower

    Fuwanovel is down. Not supporting piracy or anything, just letting you know. The admin made a post on the visual novels subreddit about it, he is no longer providing torrents for games, so it’s basically a worse VNDB now.

  13. Xilexio

    Right, I’m removing the info about it. Thanks.

  14. Xilexio

    Current partial patch of Haruka na Sora is really bad, since I haven’t hacked the game to display latin letters correctly. I’m pretty sure I posted some more info on this site in one of posts, if you’re interested in details.
    Also, Yosuga no Sora and Haruka na Sora are 18+ (specific age will probably depend on country though). You’re not supposed to get them if you’re not 18+.

  15. Nathan Bourne

    This is a lot to ask for so it’s likely that you wouldn’t be able to do it, but would you be able to post a rough guide on editing the game’s text. I’m quite desperate to play it in English, so even if I had to use something like google translate to translate it and even if the text didn’t display perfectly, it’d still be better than understanding nothing at all. I’ve tried looking up ways to edit .xp3 files (I’m assuming since I can’t find any .csx files like from YnS, for HnS it’s .xp3 files, but I’m probably wrong). If that’s too time taking/difficult just tell me it’s too complicated and I’ll wait for an English patch done by someone who know’s what their doing.

  16. Hello there! I really love what you’re doing and love what I’ve seen. I just have a couple questions that I’m struggling to answer (I lack any depth of knowledge of the Japanese language).

    To purchase the game from the original website, is it the CM Movie that I would have to get? Or is there another link that I’m completely missing?

    And if it does happen to be the CM Movie, do you know if there’s a difference between versions one and two?

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate any help and input you can give! =)

  17. Xilexio

    Umm… to purchase the game, just order it online in a shop. I don’t know what you’re talking about with the CM movie. In FAQ section I gave links to amazon where you can buy the game and described the difference between versions. Please tell me if that doesn’t work for you.
    And if you’d like to search for the game yourself, the Japanese title is ヨスガノソラ (copy & paste it, then look in games category).

  18. The word “fun” and “fan” spell the same in Japanese, so there is no difference pronouncing the name in two way (of course it is different in English).
    Most Visual Novel sequel are titled as Fan Disk and/or Fan Disc depend on producing brand. But this is the first time I see an ‘original’ Fun Disk.

  19. handsome

    umm can I ask is the translation still ongoing or is it already dead? there is nothing new or update for almost 8 months

  20. Wag

    Between both games, who is best girl?

  21. Xilexio

    Akira! But seriously, we had that argument once somewhere in the comments… If you’re instead interested in statistics, vast majority was here for Sora.

  22. Where do you place the csx file after downlaod?

  23. Xilexio

    In the “system” subdirectory of the directory you installed the game in. If you used defaults, it’s probably “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sphere\ヨスガノソラ\system”. If it says that it overwrites the file, you put it in the correct place.

  24. Bruno Zarate

    wait so how much would the game cost in US dollars??? sorry if it sounds dumb.

  25. Xilexio

    Roughly 1 yen = 1 cent. I see that the first press edition is for some reason cheaper and for around $200 on amazon.co.jp now. Used ones seem to be from around $50. There are some other shops with it, but I can’t find another one which would be easily usable by foreigners.

  26. Bruno Zarate

    this is how much the reglar edition costs ¥ 6,480 which when i put it to dollars on google it says that it’s more than 900$ is that for real?

  27. BureaucracyIsStrongInThisOne

    1.I dont care about regular or first press limited edition. I just want Yosuga No Sora (game).
    2. amazon.co.jp dont send ANY yosuga no sora OR haruka na sora overseas, literally only japanese people can buy those games directly from amazon.co.jp.
    3. tenso.com (international forwarding service to ship Japanese products from shopping websites internationally) wont ship me anything without me sending them scanned picture of my NATIONAL ID, PASSPORT, driver license, etc. (you need to scan just one of those). My point is i think is really UNPLEASANT to scan my private documents just becouse amazon.co.jp cant ship it overseas. Why they (tenso) dont ask for my login and password to my bank account too? (sarcasm). Seriously i CANT BELIEVE how DIFFICULT is to get your hands on Yosuga No Sora.
    4. Links to Yosuga No Sora (regular+limited edition) and Haruka Na Sora (regular+limited edition). in FAQ on this webpage will not help you much if you are not japanese becouse they are all on amazon.co.jp (no overseas shipping).
    5. Seriously does anyone know some easy way how to purchase Yosuga No Sora? I would be happy to pay twice as much just to get rid of scanning, sending private informations to strangers, filling forms, creating accounts etc.

  28. complicatedORDER

    how to buy yosuga no sora?

  29. leaz

    hi , first i wanted to thank you guys for the translation , y just started to play this vn , and i just have 1 question , does this game have good and bad endings like other visual novels or is just 1 ending for girl . anyway thanks again . i suck at writin in english so sorry for any mistake :v

  30. Is this project still alive ? I tried the irc link but it’s also dead (the download link from there I mean), is there another working link for this ? I don’t mind if it’s incomplete patch I just need Kazuha and Sora part translated. thanks.

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