Motoka’s route is halfway through being edited!

Progress has slowed a bit, due to some COVID related delays. But progress has not halted entirely! Today I am happy to report that Motoka’s route has passed the point in it’s editing phase. You can thank her valiant editor, catNAp45, for that. He is a huge Motoka fan, and has been hard at work. The last route to be translated will probably be the first one to be edited and completed entirely!

Aside from that, Al has managed to get Akira’s translation check phase 25% completed. Look forward to more progress being made on Akira as well.

As always, please join our discord server for all the latest updates on the patch. It is updated far more frequently than the blog. You can also report patch errors here, and have a nice chat with other YnS fans.

Discord link:


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2 responses to “Motoka’s route is halfway through being edited!

  1. Michael BlueKnight

    Once again, thank you very much to everyone involved for your hard work! ^^
    Me and my best friend can’t wait to read it ❤

  2. Minearm

    been following since 2013 and I’m so happy you never gave up on this project
    thanks for all your work

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