The Translation phase has been completed!

Disclaimer: This does not mean the project is done. There is still much to do. There is still a Translation check phase and an editing phase. Please wait for those to be finished for optimal reading experience.

But you heard that right. The main translation phase has been completed! It took about a decade but it is finally all in English! You should find all routes to be readable and enjoyable. Though there are plenty of flaws, which is why it might be best to wait until editing is done before you play.

Just earlier today, Dr. Al finished the remaining lines of Motoka’s route. Thank him! He is the best translator this project has had in years. He is now going on to TLC Nao’s route.

As always please join our discord server for more frequent updates or just to have a friendly chat with YnS fans. We just got a Kozue bot. Motoka next?

Discord link:



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11 responses to “The Translation phase has been completed!

  1. belkak210

    Wow, guys congratulations on the biggest milestone for the TL, thanks for the work and effort

  2. aerokeys

    Gonna spread the good news to my friends in facebook.

  3. Bob


  4. Herm1t

    I am complete.

    Simple words can not express my gratitude.

  5. Major Tosh


  6. cluelesspal

    awesome, i thought project was gone, gonna play it as soon as its done, thank you.

  7. Itsuki Kasugano

    I’ve waited 10 years for this! Thank you so much!

  8. z

    this is insane. I’ve been waiting since I was a kid!!! thank you guys so much

  9. Alejandro Lagos


  10. p

    Wow, remember playing this in 2013/14 and being cut off on the Akira route ( around when she was gonna suck theguys dick orsmthing) because it switched to japanease.

    Visited your page outof curiosity because i just remembered the VN.
    Well done guys and congrats, this is true dedication.

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