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The final stretch of the Translation phase.

Dr. Al has made great strides in recent days. His translation check of Motoka’s route has finally caught up to the point in her route where no translation exist. With that noted, he has begun to translate the last bit of unfinished lines. Expect a full translation of Yosuga no Sora to be completed within a few weeks max. With an editing phase to follow. Plus Akira and Nao’s route still require a TLC. To clarify, the final, fully edited patch, is still many months away. This is only the beginning of the end.

Once Yosuga no Sora has finished the translation phase. Dr. Al has committed to pivoting to Haruka na Sora ASAP. So you can expect updates on that project soon. I will be the editor and leader for that project.

As always, please join the discord server for more regular updates! We have even more emotes now and the bots are still being improved upon.



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The TLC phase of Motoka is over halfway finished

After an update today by Dr. AL, Motoka’s Translation Check phase has now reached 52%. Her translation remains at 87%. Once her TLC catches up to her translation (both are 87%), then her remaining lines will be translated. At the current rate, her route should be done within 2 months max.

Here is a look at current progress overall:

Translation (TL) / Translation Check (TLC) / Editing (ED) progress:
Common: TL 100% TLC 100% ED 11%
Sora: TL 100% TLC 100% ED 19%
Nao: TL 100% TLC 0% ED 0%
Akira: TL 100% TLC 0% ED 0%
Kazuha: TL 100% TLC 100% ED 8%
Motoka: TL 87% TLC 52% ED 0%
Total: TL 98% TLC 52% ED 6%

As always please join the discord for more frequent updates. We have nearly 800 members and we just added a Yahiro bot with some games!



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