Common Route has finished the TLC phase.

Hi guys, it’s been awhile since the last update. Not much was happening, but we finally got something worth telling you about. Translators have come and gone, though the two newest members to the team are Peltsu and Al Capone. Both have contributed a bit already, but notably Al Capone just finished the TLC (translation check) phase of common route. Now it just needs some editing. Overall progress had slowed a bit, but seems to be picking up again. Updates will come here and there, and you should expect a full translation within the coming months. In the meantime, grab the latest patch. You have to join the discord for latest updates, or you can join the discord server if you want to join the translation team. We always are needing new translators, especially for the translation check phase. Or you can join if you just want a fun place to chat about Yosuga no Sora! Over 600 members now and it is very lively here. We even have YnS themed emotes, an NSFW channel, and a Sora bot.

~Mad. Quality checker/recruiter for the project, and admin of the discord server.


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4 responses to “Common Route has finished the TLC phase.

  1. Jamie

    Thank you for the update and keep up the awesome work guys 🙂

    Welcome to the new translators!

  2. Alessandro Comparotto

    O BOI!
    Happiest news of the year so far ❤

  3. I’m sorry but months? I thought the translation was almost done? Disappointing. smh… back to hibernation.

  4. mad538

    A few months is a *very* pessimistic projection. We had some stagnation due to the loss of some translators. Though things are picking up again due to the addition of Al Capone. We are currently checking out a potential new translator who is claimed to be highly skilled and works very fast, and is dedicated. If this is even half true, the time it will take could be significantly shortened. Or it could end up not working out and it will take a few months max with the current team. If things go perfectly (which is beginning to look plausible) ETA: A few weeks maybe? Don’t get too optimistic. There is also the TLC phase which will much longer. And editing after that.

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