Poll – should we westernize the style?

We’re starting to get some work done with creation of discord server (that boosts our motivation), two new translators to the team (Jiji and Anton), and a new proofreader (AdventSign). Since there were so many translators of very different levels of English proficiency throughout the lifespan of the project, the translation is a mess from stylistic point of view. We’d like to create style guidelines so that the translation is consistent and part of them are a matter of preference. Specifically, we have to decide how much should we westernize some words. I’d like to ask you, as future (or current) readers of English version of Yosuga no Sora, to vote in the poll below that we will use to decide what style to use. Thanks!



Update (2019-09-06):
Thank you for your input. We will base our style on the results of this poll.


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4 responses to “Poll – should we westernize the style?

  1. Sora

    I’m not sure if my opinion is shared across the fans, but I prefer to read some Japanese words to reduce the “information loss” that always happens on translation due to the cultural and lingual differences.
    IMO most people willing to read YNS already watched many anime, read other VNs and so on.. so, they know basic japanese words, such as “bento”, so for me it’s okay to use words that an average VN player would already know.

    The same is true for honorifics. They are very important in Japanese to understand the relationships among the characters and how they change, I usually like to have them on the translation.

    Thanks for your work! 🙂

  2. anton00cn

    Thanks for your opinion!

  3. Alex

    One of the things I hate the most is when they sub it as “miss” instead of “-san”, and the likes. Whatever you do, please don’t do that kind of thing. Sora’s comment is spot on, and also consider that people who know nothing about anime/manga/LNs/VNs aren’t gonna play this degenerate ‘game’, so there’s no need to localize stuff or anything.

  4. Kushi

    There is no need to westernize the Game, imo.

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