Update patch on downloads page

New patch is up on the downloads tab on this website.


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12 responses to “Update patch on downloads page

  1. exiarepair3, you have an email address?

  2. John Silver

    Thank you for all hard working!
    Also any updates on Haruka no Sora?

  3. Ray22

    Just want to say thank you for keeping this alive. I’ve been a fan of Yosuga no sora since 2010. It’s great to know there are still people who still enjoy to this day, and are giving the fans an oportunity to understand the game.
    Thank You!

  4. ED

    3 months later, any news maybe? 🙂

  5. Usagi


  6. AdventSign

    Alright. Thx.

  7. AdventSign

    Wish I could edit old comments, but I sent you an email. Might’ve went to junk mail though.

  8. belkak210

    Any new updates you can make? Either way thanks for continuing with the TL.

  9. linus andersson

    hey at this pace it might be finished in 2022
    jokes aside I appreciate your work, been watching this site since 2014

  10. Zeros

    I’d be interested to find out if this is still going and if it’s still available

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