Hello guys! I’m the only current translator, ExiaR3. I just got admin rights to this page a few minutes ago so I’m here to lay down the updates for you. I’ve been working on this translation for about a year now and the progress has been pretty inconsistent. I am going into university soon so I will have even less time next year. So, during these holidays, I will do my very best to do as much translating as possible. there’s not much left and I want to get it out there as much as you guys want this project to be completed. That’s the initial reason I joined the team anyway.
Thanks for your patience!

P.S. Let me know in the comments if you want the download for the current patch. The only scenes not translated in the Akira route are the H-scenes.

Sora: 100%
Nao: 100%
Akira: 92.51%
Kazuha: 100%
Motoka: 63.98%
Overall: *drumroll* 92.60% of the way there!


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33 responses to “FINALLY AN UPDATE

  1. Justin Ellis

    A download for the current patch would be great. Honestly, i thought the project was dead but I am extremely happy I was wrong. Yosuga no Sora and Fortune Arterial are my most anticipated VN translation projects, glad at least one got an update.

  2. ExiaR3

    Alright, just put it up. You can find the download on the download section of this website.

  3. belkak210

    Thanks for the work!

  4. test

    wow thank you so much. i check every half a year or so. thought this was dead thank you for your hard work hopefully one day it will be done

  5. sora´s true love

    wow—–i´m here since 2015 checking the webpage once a week—–finally some light at the end of the tunnel…akira´s route it´s one of the most interesting. for sure a patch ´ll be great. Thanks for your hard work

  6. Pz

    I’m so hyped this project isn’t dead, just today I finished the anime for second time, I have read the translated routes of the vn too. Like the others, I’ve been checking this page frequently for an update, many thanks for your effort and let’s hope everyone can enjoy these wonderful stories some day.


    Thank you very much for that new update!
    Too bad you’re alone on this now.
    I Hope you will be able to finish Akira’s route at least. (Since Motoka seems far from being done… Better do it in a convenient way!)
    Btw, since the link for older update is dead, I do have a backup
    from “yosuga-2016-07-23” to “yosuga-2017-07-13”
    So, if you don’t have them anymore, or are interested by getting them for archival purpose or whatever reason, feel free!
    Good luck!

  8. Oh! My! Fu! This is alive? You just make my day, i could lick your feets (no homo).

  9. thank you so much for your hard work

  10. Dannyuicha


  11. swapp

    thank you for your service o7

  12. Benjamin Teong



  13. Benjamin Teong

    And dude, enjoy your xmas holidays and new year mate. It ain’t the time for work. Appreciate you still keeping this alive and going.

  14. PantsuPantsu

    100% truth, thank you for any and all effort you’re putting in. This lovely gem has been stalled for so so sooooo very long T-T;

    \(♥▽♥)/ !~

  15. Gekky_Kun

    Thank you

  16. Nemu Sarako

    Thank you for this, although I only really care for the sora route I’m extremely grateful for your work in translating this.

    To think that you’re working on this alone and going to university soon is honestly admirable.

  17. Epir

    Absolute legend, this is like an awesome xmas present
    Best of luck with your studies and I hope you enjoy your holidays

  18. Aaron Nakatsu

    thanks lad, keep up the good work

  19. Oh my gosh!!!
    i’ll wait (one more bit) the full patch!
    Thank you!!

  20. Lenarshe

    Thank you so much! I’m really wating fot Motoko’s rute.
    Love to you!

  21. gamerz4505


  22. Luke

    Thank you! Any plans for the fandisk?

  23. Ron

    Has anyone tried running the patch on the DMM downloadable edition of the game? Any idea if the two have the same yosuga.csx? It’s on sale on DMM at the moment, but my hard drive is already littered with titles that either a patch didn’t work or I am waiting for the completion/release. Slowly learning Japanese so I can read those titles some day.

  24. Konata Izumi

    thank you for continuing the translation of this very underrated VN. if you ever need help editing, feel free to email me!

  25. MichaelBlue

    Thank you for continuing the project!
    I wrote you a mail some months ago and promised you I would have found some help, but unluckily me nor my friends can give any help.
    I’ll keep giving mental support, the only thing I can do! xD
    Anyway, thank you for your great work, we all love you!

  26. Mohamed

    thank you so much for your hard work

  27. Hashibiroko

    Please continue translating i was waiting so long

  28. It’s been 4 years already since I’m playing this game as far as I remember it was 2015 playing this game and got annoyed because some of the text were in Japanese so thanks for translating this game

  29. Noob question but how to apply the patch?
    Pls help.

  30. kobal

    Thank you for your time and effort! A translation even if slow or inconsistent is a welcome one indeed!

  31. Patiently Waiting on Yosuga no Sora for years now

    Any word on the latest update? Guys are so close to finishing. Hang in there ExiaR3.

  32. Bob

    I forgot this page existed and have the website, i’ve been checking the rem site every other week watching the % tick up by half a percent every couple months. Thanks for continued work!

  33. Ronnie21093

    Good work keeping this alive! You are almost there! I hope you can maybe get some help to finish it 🙂

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