2016年7月24日 – Yosuga no Sora update – technical changes


  • Sora8288/8288 (100.00%)
  • Nao: 7311/7311 (100.00%)
  • Akira: 7890/8793 (89.73%)
  • Kazuha6634/6634 (100.00%)
  • Motoka: 2499/6261 (37.89%)
  • Common2096/2096 (100.00%)

Total: 34715/39383 (88.15%).

Not much of a change in stats, but that’s because Shi0n is working on translation checking and I don’t have any automatic way to check what’s already checked.


As you’ve no doubt noticed, updates are as slow as always. We’ve changed our workflow and tools around a bit so hopefully we’ll run into less problems and be able to bring you updates more often.

One benefit from this change is that we’re now able to bring you the latest version of the patch as soon as it’s out. All of this is made possible by our newest team member:  Remuz.
He’s hosting the patch for us on his servers, you can find it all at the links below.

Automation is cool, but bugs always find a way through our checks, so if you run into one please leave a comment here. I do actually read the comments on a regular basis, even though my updates are less than regular.

There might be some more technical changes in near future, e.g. moving the project site to a more “safe” server than WordPress. I won’t make a promise to write a new post on a regular basis anymore – it simply doesn’t work when I have some other task to do over many weekends. Hopefully always up-to-date stats and patches will be enough for you. If not, I will respond to comments regularly. I will still make an update post after we finish a chunk of work, like TLC or TL of a route.


If you’re interested in helping in translation and your level of Japanese is at least at around JLPT N2 and your written English is around native level (quick check – do you know when exactly “the”/”a” should be used?), please send me a mail to xilexio.yns@gmail.com. We need help with checking correctness of the translation, with making the text more readable, translating remaining parts of Motoka’s route and translating Haruka na Sora.

For other translation groups

I updated the csxtool (used to convert between .txt and .csx) to version 1.3. Now it shows where exactly errors are if you wrote something in a wrong format. And extraction works better. You can find the new version of csxtool here. If you’re searching for csxtool source code along with notes on CSX file format, you can find it here. If you want access to newest version of our Japanese-Chinese-English scenario files or need help with starting your own translation/retranslation project, send me a mail to xilexio.yns@gmail.com.



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141 responses to “2016年7月24日 – Yosuga no Sora update – technical changes

  1. totadu54

    hello, thanks for the update and your work. Also, welcome Remuz 🙂

  2. RedLion

    Thanks for the update 🙂

  3. Raith

    Woo keep going guys, we love you!

  4. Jamie

    Thank you for the update, we appreciate your hard work 🙂

  5. KainLegacy

    Yeah, keep up the spirit.

  6. Xrase

    Keep up all the great work.

  7. JustaChance

    I’m just glad that the project isn’t dead! Keep up the good work.

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  9. Carlos

    Thanks for the update. I just recently started to play Yosuga No Sora and my favorite route is that of Motoka which is the one that is behind the rest so yeah here I’m cheering for this translation to keep going. Thanks for your work:)

  10. Lolpoo

    please finish this soon :C

  11. rkshad

    I might sound like an idiot, but how do you patch the game?
    I’m new at VN land.

  12. Xilexio

    Just replace the original /system/yosuga.csx file with the one from the patch and run the game.

  13. Xilexio

    It might take a while, because I did not get any reply from Shi0n for quite some time. He might be quite busy in RL. So, currently I’m probably the only “active” translator. And I’m working on finishing Akira’s route.
    Realistically, unless Shi0n reappears or we get a new translator, I don’t expect there to be any progress on Motoka’s route for 2+ months.

  14. dasdsada

    Can’t wait until you guys finish

  15. The file is an ‘incite.flac’ file???? Doesn’t look like a .csx file to me

  16. ekmll

    thanks for all your efforts. i love all the people who works on this translation. please keep it up. (≧◡≦) ♡

  17. Xilexio

    Actually, no idea. I’m re-uploading manually the patch now. You can check out all files here: https://build.yns.rem.uz/browse/.

  18. w0g0bby

    Finished Yosuga no Sora, Can’t wait for Haruka na Sora .—.

  19. roman

    5 years in November, yeah! I could have learned Japanese and also improved my life in general within that time. But too lazy! So here I am. You’re so close though, I’m proud of you guys. Good work.

  20. Yay! Yay! Yaaay!!!!
    Está cada vez más cerca. Gracias por tu esfuerzo.

  21. Mackus

    I think there is a new bug in this version of patch.
    When turning voices on or off, game treats everyone as “other” – impossible to disable voice only for particular character.

  22. blhwk

    Really appreciate the work you and your team is doing! Not sure what it is about this random eroge that grabs my attention, but I look forward to playing it in full, and especially it’s expansion when it finally comes to that.
    I will say that the only reason I worry about how long this is taking is that I’m worried you guy’ll get slapped with a C&D order. I know a previous translation attempt was cancelled because of that. Really hope the same doesn’t happen to you as well.
    Regardless, keep up the good work!

  23. ruman

    iam really thankful of you for doing this iam just waiting for the 100% completed patch to be released .keep up the good work

  24. ruman

    thank you for all your doing iam really greatful cant wait for the full patch i cant play partially translated

  25. DJ

    Hi. was just wondering since YnS almost complete, will there be anyone working on HnS anytime soon?

  26. Hi, was just wondering, since YnS is almost complete, will there be any work done on HnS?

  27. Solipso

    Thanks for all your efforts! Still waiting for this project!

  28. Oh my god this must officially be the longest a vn has gone through translation hell while plausibly being released. I remember that back in 2010 this game was at like 20ish% on TLwiki when it was hit with a C&D. I actually admire you guys since it takes a lot of determination to not quit after being stalled for so much time combined. I edited a VN translation significantly longer in significantly less time and then we still were sometimes at the brink of abandoning the project. Anyways, fight the good fight! Once you finish it will feel so good, even if you have lost most of the initial enthusiasm.

    But man, the changes from the 2010 VN scene to now have been amazing. Back in the good old days ofTLWiki, MirrorMoon, Amaterasu and Yandere translations when C&Ds were rare but terrifying and progress was good. So much has happened, so many groups have formed and fallen. But Yosuga no Sora would never be translated. Until hopefully pretty soon. I think that when you guys finish we can put a nice period behing the era of fantranslations of visual novels. I for one celebrate the commercialisation of visual novels, they’re even translating fucking Baldr Sky. However, the efforts of all those thousands of hours this (currently incredibly dead) scene have not been for nothing. Dweebs, rejoice, we can finally fill our hearts with all these shitty Chinese Cartoon Games by paying for it!

  29. project is alive right? 🙂

  30. Xilexio

    Not sure. I am the only translator now, it seems. I’ll try to get in contact with Shi0n once again.

  31. Kira

    Its too bad but Xilexio needs to ask himself a few questions:

    1. Does he REALLY about Motoka?

    2. Was he able to find time to translate even like 100 words in the last 5 months or so?

    3. Was he able to motivate any translators to do any substantial work on Motoka’s route in the last year and/or keep them around longer than a few months?

    4. Does it look like the 1-2% progress per year on Motoka’s route sound like an optimistic scenario or not?

    5. Was the editing/translation checking on Akira’s route finished or even half finished?

    If the answer to more than 2 of those questions is “no” then the project was a zombie since Shion finished with the Nao route. There might be good intentions but unless one can find a sizeable amount of time AND motivation to finish what remains then the project is nothing but a zombie since quite a while.

    That said I’m still grateful to Shion and all other translators for all the hard work they did even if in the end the project was not 100% completed and likely never will.

    It happens.

  32. Kira


    1. Does he REALLY care about Motoka?


  33. Xilexio

    1. Not particularly about Motoka herself, I just would like to see this project completed and over.

  34. Xilexio

    1. Not particularly Motoka. It’s more about completing a started project.
    2. Yes. Only like 1/3 of one of Akira’s H-scenes. But I guess that’s pretty much the same thing.
    3. No. I did not go around on IRC asking people to do it in last year or so. I tried before some anonymous translators joined us, but to be honest there was no experienced translator I talked to that would be really motivated by YNS. They mostly said that routes besides Sora’s were weak and just look like written by another, mediocre author. Shi0n was the only really motivated translator that I did not really have to ask myself to translate, that continued for a while and that had actual skills to translate it.
    4. No. An experienced translator such as vvav was able to complete Sora’s route in a matter of a few months. So an optimistic scenario is like 30% per month. Generally experienced translators seem to be able to translate dozens of lines per hour.
    5. No. I haven’t heard anything from the translator that completed Akira’s route for last few months. It’s safe to say that nobody has a translation checked copy of Akira’s route.

    I agree that the project is totally a zombie right now. Unless someone knows Japanese enough to read the vn and still wants to translate it, it might go untranslated.

    However, I am learning Japanese myself and I particularly suck at kanji, so I guess I can combine learning them for JLPT exam and translating. This is more or less why I joined the project back when trjr was leading. There aren’t many particularly useful kanjis in H-scenes though ^.^

    I’ll try to get this project to the end by myself if I absolutely need to, but if I won’t get any new and motivated translators like Shi0n, I will not continue to Haruka na Sora.

  35. Kira

    Yeah, it unfortunately looks like Sora was the main reason folks wanted to read this VN. Though I personally enjoyed the other translated routes too. At least Nao’s and Akira’s.

    Motoka seems to be the least popular character though which may be why most translators do not seem to bother with her route. I would enjoy if her route was completed though since I do not find her half bad personally…

    If you have trouble translating the H scenes of Motoka’s route then worst case scenario just jump to translate the plot portion part of her route and translate(if you are still willing to) the ero parts after finishing the story part.

  36. Xilexio

    I’m doing ero from Akira’s route though, since it’s the only thing left there. Since I’m not English native, I use most of my translation time finding good English phrasing for it.

    I find Motoka quite cute too :3 Although, Akira is the best!

  37. how i wish i can help, but i have no skills that can help, the only thing i can do is leave this motivational message for the translation who wont give up the fight…

  38. ruman

    please finish this we are so close to completion dont give up we are with you

  39. KiriyaAoi

    I just started reading this, and other than Sora I’m particularly looking forward to Akira. What is the current state of the TL on the latest patch for Akiras route? What, in particular, isn’t translated there? If it’s H-scenes that aren’t TL checked or edited, that’s fine.

  40. Derp

    What is the estimation date for this? It seems like Motoka is really the only route left untranslated. We can at least expect Akira’s route to be done right? Right?

  41. Serprine

    Can I ask you out of curiosity where are you from?

  42. Xilexio

    Sure. I’m from the Internet.

  43. Xilexio

    Yeah, H-scenes are the only thing missing. Only the beginning is kind of checked though.

  44. Serprine

    I get it. Sorry that I ask.

  45. andreil

    Hi all!
    On a 3 days, I’m decompiled script for this game 😉
    On this time i’m working on normalizing source code (from ASM-styled to original source).
    For interesting: https://andreil.by/yosuga_no_sora_decompiled.txt

  46. Xilexio

    Good job. Are you going to publish this analysis or the program to export/import from whatever human-readable format you choose? It would help at least with splitting multi-line messages.

  47. Xilexio

    Nice. By the way, are you a part of some other YNS translation team or just trying to help? Just curious what is your motivation to work on this.
    Also, keep in mind that github is a really risky place for publishing a copyrighted work (_decompiled_ dir with the scenario), especially under a GPL license. Of course you’re free to do what you like, but remember that when YNS scenarios were published on tlwiki, they got a DMCA.

  48. Retto

    I wish we had another update soon…

  49. andreil

    On this time:

    I’m rewrited amount a 3/4 code from base (without scenarios) – 195kb source ode (all on github).

  50. andreil

    On now – https://github.com/andreili/yosuga_no_sora_source/commit/e1c76613c78e82f828023c14711947950c7adbe5
    It remains to fix some of the functions and branching scripts. And a couple of features were yet unfinished – but the game can be started without them 🙂
    In addition – everything is ready 🙂

  51. Wait,,, So…. Is almost ready?…. HC, thanks!

  52. Jkelley2

    Wish i knew japanese properly so i could help you guys i really enjoyed the show and wanted to see the rest of Akira’s story just got to the point where its no longer translated hope you guys are able to update it soon

  53. Heinrich6745

    i might just say screw it and go through this at some point soon cause i’m tired of waiting for a 100% to go through it since i have been waiting a very long time.

  54. bratrstvoNODKane

    Hello, please dont give up and after this translating, we will be very grateful if you guys will translate datadisk Hakura na Sora too!

  55. ehresten

    fanbase for this project is dedicated af. keep up the great work fam,

  56. Some month ago you said all that was remaining of Akira’s route was the h-scene, did you finish those h-scene since ? Normally, most translator happen to drop project on h-scene, so i expect it might had happened. When you will be done with Akira (if you does), do you plan to translate the remaining route then the sequel ?

  57. Solipso

    Sooo… Could someone explain to me how to launch Yosuga no Sora with Andreil patch? Or is it not complete yet?

  58. Xilexio

    Sort of.

  59. Xilexio

    That link from andreil was to extracted data, which is just original scenario, not translated version. AFAIK nobody else is translating JP->EN now.

  60. Xilexio

    I just worked for a couple of lines, which were surprisingly not trivial enough to just breeze through it, and stopped there. There is no active translator in the team, so it was left like that since then. We’re essentially missing a EN->JP translator, and I really can’t promise that I’ll do any bigger part in a decently small time.

  61. andreil

    No, this scenarios on English 😉

  62. Xilexio

    But have you worked on the part that we haven’t translated yet?

  63. Dont give up, not now, please!

  64. Leonchikov Andreil

    Yes, the whole code of the game, including the one not translated at that time, was reworked. The only minus of the revised version is for some reason there is no sound. Absolutely …

  65. Xilexio

    Wait, weren’t you making your own game engine? If so, why no sound? I wanted to ask about translation progress, not about changing the scenario format. How is that progress?

  66. Leonchikov Andreil

    No, you misunderstood me – I was talking about the source code received after parsing the game. That is the same engine, the same data, all the same as in the original (but with my source codes).
    By translation – there was the same translation that is published here, as of the time the repository was created with the sources. I do not translate this game at all – I was just asked to look at it 🙂

  67. Xilexio

    Ok, I understand. Thanks. I thought that your group was developing your own engine that can handle different fonts too. By the way, are fonts configurable in scenario files or hardcoded in the executable?

  68. Xilexio

    You have a bat file to convert stuff in tye repo. Is the executable mentioned there compiled from that one cpp file or is it an external project? A few Vietnamese translators might be overjoyed if conversion to csx works along with changing the font, even if there is no bgm for now.

  69. Leonchikov Andreil

    Here is the compiler that I compiled my version: https://yadi.sk/d/THGR-8ve3GdJ5T
    The compilation should be done under the Japanese locale, otherwise the text will be replaced by a different text. But, if you replace key places in a couple of places, then you can completely abandon Japanese code (for example, `showName == “語り”` and others).
    When assembling, there is not only background music, but there is no sound at all (including speech).

  70. Xilexio

    AFAIR, the sound is in external files (I think in the noa files along with CGs), so is there some problem with your csx assembler?

  71. Leonchikov Andreil

    No idea. By results of decompilation, the result of the assembly is similar to the original one. What is the reason, I never found it – all sounds are successfully opened and started, the sound level in the program is normal (added the output of debugging messages).

  72. Xilexio

    So, after decompilation and compilation to CSX, the binary files differ?

  73. Leonchikov Andreil

    I compared the results of the decompilation of the original and my version – they coincided.

  74. Xilexio

    By decompilation you mean your text form, right? How about comparing binary files – the original Japanese one included in the game (or maybe ours, since audio works) with decompiled and then compiled version of that file?

  75. Leonchikov Andreil

    They will differ in any case – it all depends on many reasons, including the layout of functions by files. The result of decompilation allows you to compare exactly the bytecode of functions – as a result of its work I am completely sure, because the decompiler itself was written using the full documentation on the given scripting language.

  76. Leonchikov Andreil

    About bytecode, example:
    Function DumpContext(String path)
    INIT_LOCAL struct File file
    PUSH_VAR file
    PUSH_VAR path
    PUSH_VAL Integer 5i
    JUMP_OK _l_8
    PUSH_VAL Integer 1i
    PUSH_VAR file
    CALL_METHOD DumpContext
    PUSH_VAL Integer 0i

    On script:
    Function DumpContext(String path)
    File file
    If (file.Open(path, 5))
    Return 1
    Return file.DumpContext()

    All parameters are placed on the stack, the reverse Polish notation is used for all operations.

  77. Xilexio

    I didn’t find any info about this file format or the scripting language when I was reverse engineering it. That’s the reason I had problems with it. What is that language called? I might be able to help debugging it if it is something publicly available.

  78. Leonchikov Andreil

    Language – cotopha, now called EntisGL.
    Here is the version I use to build my version. There is also a decompiler code in the archive – an example of working with it is in the BAT-file with the source code of the game.
    With the compiler there is official documentation on its IPA, in Japanese.

  79. Xilexio

    Okay, I’ll have a look. To confirm – sound does not work for you when running your csx binary with original Yosuga no Sora program under Japanese locale, right?

  80. Leonchikov Andreil

    No, there is sound for the original file. And for my version – no.
    Started in all ways – and in the executable from the game and the file from the kit cotopha’s.

  81. Xilexio

    It is quite possible that Sphere made their own interpreter that assumes the assembly being in a specific format, if it can be different. I’ll have a look at the binaries. By the way, did your team have some progress with your own game engine?

  82. Leonchikov Andreil

    Yes, it is already fully completed. Now we translate resources only. Well, I also think how to collect statistics and stuff.

  83. Yuki

    Any Update for year 2017

  84. arawn

    I really hope you guys are doing well translating this,all your efforts are appreciated.I hope to see it finished soon and you guys are awesome for doing this,love you guys ♡

  85. Ichunjo

    I have a question, is it possible to change the game resolution ?

  86. Thanks for all your hard work. I hope you get a chance to update soon.

  87. Xilexio

    I don’t think so. There is no such option in game settings. And even if you did, everything would still be upscaled, since the images in the game have the resolution just like the normal window size. What were you looking for specifically? Larger window in windowed mode or higher image quality?

  88. Ichunjo

    Larger window in windowed mode. I don’t think it’s possible to have higher image quality

  89. Xilexio

    That would require changes to the game executable. Andreil and his team seem to be making their own application to run YnS, so maybe it will be able to support that…
    As a workaround, you could change your screen resolution to lower if you just want the game to fill more space on the screen, although I guess you won’t be satisfied with that solution. You can also try Windows built-in magnifier with [Windows key] + [+]/[-]. I bet there should also be a program that lets you enlarge window of any application, although I haven’t used any.

  90. Joshua Kelley

    Thank you guys for translating this, wondering if you are gonna finish the translation cause its been almost a year since the last update

  91. Hi,

    Hope you know the links you provided in the post are not too accurate – especially the latest patch link – it opens a .txt file with the stats and that’s it.

    I’d say thank you and the team for the work done so far, but if you’re dropping the project at least release whatever that has been done so far, even if it isn’t QCed? Many of us don’t demand perfection – we just want to have text that’s eligible enough to know what’s going on – it’s a lot better than having old patches that don’t really tally with your progress %.

    Just my 2 cents…

  92. anonymous

    If you are in Japan (or…), DMM.com sells a legal, downloadable version of YsN. No physical shipping involved.

    The download edition, different from the original edition, uses xp3 files, extractable using Krkrextract. It’s viable to use Google translate API to automatically translate all .ks files. A script that might help:

    Hail to the ACG community and translators.

  93. Nostradomus

    I’m surprised there are comments as recent as the 18th of June. I would have expected this project to die already, you seem to have a lot of dedication.

    I wish I could help you, if i knew Japanese, and not just read the Japanese for myself, this project is near completed, excluding the translate checks, which may take some time as well. Unfortunately, my Japanese is weeaboo-tier.

    To be fair, I’m only waiting for the Akira-route translation to reach 100%. From my understanding, you have to go through one route to begin Soras’, and I don’t see the point of going through something untranslated.

    I don’t know if there is anything I could do to encourage you, probably not, it’s likely more complicated than motivation, isn’t it?

    Maybe there are forums where you could look for Eng>Jap translators?

    Well, I’ve said enough, do your best!

  94. I just want to wack are you planning to continue this and the other one or has this been dropped. It’ll suck if it has especially considering this one was so close to being done. Please continue.

  95. a_noob

    Seems like there still working on yosuga no sora. Latest update to the patch was on 7-13-17. As for Haruka no sora I think they said something about maybe doing it once they finish with yosuga no sora, but its better if you ask Xilexio or another member of the team.

  96. Xilexio

    There is a bit of work going on, although incredibly slowly. To be honest, chances of HnS translation are looking pretty grim. Like, Danganronpa-Ultimate-Despair Grim. It would take forever if I was translating it alone, so I don’t want to start translating it by myself. Either way, YnS first…

  97. bratrstvoNODKane

    I thought you just stopped translating HnS due focusing on YnS, so it would not be fresh start….or?

  98. Xilexio

    Considering that less than 10% is done, and quite a bit of it is of poor quality, it’s not much different from a fresh start.

  99. bratrstvoNODKane

    Xilexio, did you searched for other translations from JP? I found german, spanish and french. You propably dont speak thise languages…? I mean you could help yourself by translating from thise languages and not from japan one.

  100. Hey. I’ve been around here since late 2014 (though it’s the first time I leave a comment). It’s really nice that the project it’s still alive. I wish I could help with translation, but I die with kanjis and a lot of verbs. I’m used to read manga that has Furigana, but then get lost when finding Kanji by itself. I think I’m capable of proofreading, but it’s just my opinion. I hope you finish this, and thanks for your effort.

  101. ccfeb

    Hi, the link send me to a Dungeons & Dragon folder. Where is the patch for YnS?

  102. jkelley2

    Where do we download the patches from? the remz link is a bunch of RPG stuff now and not the patches

  103. FinalCloud

    Second this! Shame that it looks like it might not get finished, even more of a shame if we cant use what is finished!

  104. twisted

    Can someone upload the most recent patch to mega or something? the link in the blog is dead

  105. Xilexio

    I’m already on it. Maybe I’ll use mediafire, since they have decent API for automatic uploading of files.

  106. Morgan L Molett

    So… Is the project dead? Is it still alive? If it is alive, please post an update about the current state of the translation (and possibly and explanation as of why there hasn’t been any update for so long.)

  107. Umbra Solanaceae

    Just learned of this recently, but thank you for all your work thus far. Good luck, you’re the hero we need.

  108. bratrstvoNODKane

    Roll and search in comment section.

  109. Ferlucio

    I would be really great if you could post a new download link, i would love to play though the game even if not fully translated. Much gratitude in advance.

  110. Xilexio

    Right, it’s down again. I’m on it. Thanks for letting me know.

  111. Ferlucio

    Wow ,i didn`t expect a reply so fast, Thank you a lot for the work you have done and for not giving up on it after so much time.

  112. Kira

    So…any plans when the patch will get an update?

  113. Albus666

    Already those 12% at last! Quickly!

  114. basedfrog1

    Keep up the good work and take all the time you need. Hopefully 2018 looks a lot better for this project.

  115. JD

    It’s 2018 and that makes it roughly 2 years since anything was updated so is the project still alive or did it go to its grave along with the team?
    But judging on how it is now, I’m guessing that it’s the latter. Regardless I still want to know more details about the current situation of the team and the project’s. Pls reply or at least do an update cause it’s been so long and I can’t keep my hopes up forever.

  116. Exia R3

    We’re alive.

  117. Any moment now (゜∀゜)

  118. Morgan L Molett

    Could you guys make an update post saying “We are alive” then, please?

  119. Norym

    Hey dudes, If you aren’t aware, the reason this translation stopped is because there really isn’t a need to continue. They patch is complete. Sora is the only heroine that matters and you can download and finish her route, and get on with your lives as soon as you want.

  120. Xilexio

    Akira is better.

  121. Wyrda

    Akira is good but for some reason I get a creepy feeling from her… like she’s omniscient and omnipresent under her innocent exterior.

    Anyway, good luck with the translating Akira’s route. If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to help proofread, though I can’t read Japanese. Just reply if you need some help.

  122. sora´s true love

    true that. is the most reasonable route

  123. ruman

    im the type who likes to get into something finished so i cant play it until its finished so i really hope they do finish it

  124. Kira

    Wouldn’t it be a good time to release an updated patch?

    The last patch update was on July 2017 and the last page update was on 2016…

  125. Ronnie21093

    I agree. It has been a long time since an update. At this point, I am starting to consider this project dead…

  126. Scrubs the Neko

    the last update was a while ago so I’m wondering if this is still being worked on or if its a forgotten project?

  127. Xilexio

    Actually, there is some work being done right now. I’m in the process of checking it quickly, so expect an update soon.

  128. Scrubs the Neko

    Kool thx

  129. Exia R3

    “Yosuga no Sora – Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 100%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 89.88%, Motoka 49.00%, Common and Kazuha fully edited”

  130. Oh! Thank you, that are good news.

  131. Scrubs the Neko

    And anyone where can I “not pirate” the base game?

  132. ruman

    whoa finally some update in the stats .please keep going and finish it guys

  133. Ruman

    The link to the patch is down bro

  134. Ferlucio

    I know you guys post from time to time in the comments here , but a proper update , no matter how small( Even a simple we`re alive) on the from page of the site would be like a confirmation of hope , that this project isn`t dead. I mean the most important route is translated already( Sora for the win BOYYY) but would love to finish the whole thing. Something in me just doestn`t let me start the game while i know that it`s not finished and that someone might actually finish it someday. Like if I`d known it`s dead I would have played it long ago and enjoyed it, but knowing you guys are working so hard and for so long to translate the whole thing stops me from playing it when its half way done. So please , a simple bump would hype me for the next few month.
    With love and respect, and thank you for the work.

  135. Benjamin Teong

    2 years since a fresh post was made here…..

  136. shi0nmaku

    I’m alive guys, but it seems that the project is almost dead. I don’t have much time on my hands, which I do apologize about. I’m really busy in RL, been working and trying to catch up with my social life. If given some time, I’ll contact Xilexio once again.


  137. lonewolf64

    I know this might not be the place to write this but I get an error while trying to boot up the game as shown in the image. anyone knows how to fix this?
    https://postimg.cc/FfbNm4jp. ive put locale to japanese and copied said file to system.

  138. Joshua Kelley

    do we have any news at all? also the download link for the patch is down

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