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2016年7月24日 – Yosuga no Sora update – technical changes


  • Sora8288/8288 (100.00%)
  • Nao: 7311/7311 (100.00%)
  • Akira: 7890/8793 (89.73%)
  • Kazuha6634/6634 (100.00%)
  • Motoka: 2499/6261 (37.89%)
  • Common2096/2096 (100.00%)

Total: 34715/39383 (88.15%).

Not much of a change in stats, but that’s because Shi0n is working on translation checking and I don’t have any automatic way to check what’s already checked.


As you’ve no doubt noticed, updates are as slow as always. We’ve changed our workflow and tools around a bit so hopefully we’ll run into less problems and be able to bring you updates more often.

One benefit from this change is that we’re now able to bring you the latest version of the patch as soon as it’s out. All of this is made possible by our newest team member:  Remuz.
He’s hosting the patch for us on his servers, you can find it all at the links below.

Automation is cool, but bugs always find a way through our checks, so if you run into one please leave a comment here. I do actually read the comments on a regular basis, even though my updates are less than regular.

There might be some more technical changes in near future, e.g. moving the project site to a more “safe” server than WordPress. I won’t make a promise to write a new post on a regular basis anymore – it simply doesn’t work when I have some other task to do over many weekends. Hopefully always up-to-date stats and patches will be enough for you. If not, I will respond to comments regularly. I will still make an update post after we finish a chunk of work, like TLC or TL of a route.


If you’re interested in helping in translation and your level of Japanese is at least at around JLPT N2 and your written English is around native level (quick check – do you know when exactly “the”/”a” should be used?), please send me a mail to We need help with checking correctness of the translation, with making the text more readable, translating remaining parts of Motoka’s route and translating Haruka na Sora.

For other translation groups

I updated the csxtool (used to convert between .txt and .csx) to version 1.3. Now it shows where exactly errors are if you wrote something in a wrong format. And extraction works better. You can find the new version of csxtool here. If you’re searching for csxtool source code along with notes on CSX file format, you can find it here. If you want access to newest version of our Japanese-Chinese-English scenario files or need help with starting your own translation/retranslation project, send me a mail to



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