2015年4月15日 – Yosuga no Sora update

Here is the progress after two months:

  • Sora8288/8288 (100.00%)
  • Nao: 5733/7311 (78.42%)
  • Akira: 7890/8793 (89.73%)
  • Kazuha6634/6634 (100.00%)
  • Motoka: 2014/6261 (32.17%)
  • Common2096/2096 (100.00%)

Total: 32655/39383 (82.92%).

The progress is very small, because our main translator was busy with RL stuff. However, he is already back on track. The good news is that Akira’s route translation check is progressing and it’s at around 20%.


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95 responses to “2015年4月15日 – Yosuga no Sora update

  1. Thanks for all the work you guys put in.

  2. Great news. Glad to see that this project is not dead. Thanks for the good work! :]

  3. Awesome! And hey — progress is progress.

    Each Friday when I write my VNTS post I keep hoping to see a post, and it’s awesome that I’ll have one this week! Here’s hoping that life stays calm and you’re able to keep up a steady push : )

  4. Elmithian

    /dances around like a fool

    Some process is better than no process. After having almost given up on LB EX ever finishing being translated I am happy to see that you guys are still at it (however slow it is).

    But anyways, nice to see you guys doing the good work. There are currently so many games stuck at 100-95% that I have a feeling this year is going to be a particularly good year for VN fans (lets not forget all the successes with the kickstarters for translation of vn either :D)

    (note: I still fully support the LB EX translation crew, but the lack of any feedback from them worries me greatly.

  5. Jeremy

    Nice good job =)

  6. ESK

    Is Haruka na Sora on the table for translating? I’ve been told it’s fairly short.

  7. esk

    Is there any intention of translating Haruka na Sora? Or at least just Sora’s after story route.

  8. Xilexio

    It’s stalled and most likely will stay that way until we complete the main game. It’s not that short, see one of posts about HNS to see how exactly.

  9. Xilexio

    Yes, but after YNS.

  10. James

    Thanks for all the work you put into this, looking forward to doing Akira’s route when it’s been checked.

  11. Zearth

    Glad this is still progressing. I look forward to when it is finished.

  12. Erenus

    You guys are doing an amazing job, thank you! I wonder what is the estimated time that this would be finished?

  13. OC-Bluebear

    Thx and thx again for all the hard work. Really.
    And the progress reports, letting us know whats going on. Much appreciated. Fight on u guys.

  14. Robb

    Thanks guys, you’re doing God’s work – I can’t wait for when it’s all translated to English. 🙂

    Also, how’s Haruka na Sora going? I can’t find anything since the update from June 2014 (sorry if this has already been answered somewhere else).

  15. Legion

    Cool! Cant wait for future updates.

  16. Cabalsit

    Just installed Yosuga no Sora and patched it with your translation.
    Really cool, thanks for your efforts, guys!

  17. Cheetar

    Thank you for your work guys, after all these years. The most of the translator team would just give up
    I can’t wait Nao-chan’s route to be translated 🙂
    (… and my friend prays for akira 😀 )

  18. Xilexio

    It is not going anywhere. Until YnS is finished, there is no point in restarting it.

  19. Kira

    Any news on when the next patch will be out?

  20. Keep the good works, guys. I will be always waiting for this project

  21. Christown

    Good work, keep it up!

    I’m looking forward to reading Akira’s route.

  22. Xilexio

    Probably today.

  23. Kira

    So…any news coming? Or maybe there was too little progress for it?

  24. Rendal

    Any news?

  25. KainLegacy

    Again come to thank you for your hard work, this is a VN that a lot of people is waiting for, me too of course.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  26. Yoh everyone, shi0n here. I just want to let you guys know I’m still sick for about two months now. I don’t know about Xilexio and the others, no one has been updating the files yet, maybe they’ve been busy with RL. As for me, I’ll continue to TL Nao’s script when I feel fine.

  27. Nami

    Hope you feel better. Thanks for all the hard work~

  28. Letters

    Feel better soon!

  29. Kira

    Hmmm, this looks kinda bad.

    Maybe I exaggerate a bit but it looks like the project is stalled and might remain this way for good. Akira’s route which was progressing the fastest among the routes is already finished so its all about Nao and Motoka. Motoka had progressed just 2% in like 8 months which means it would need like 20 years to be completed. And if shion is sick for so long it means he got some really serious illness…one after which he will need plenty of time to make up on the things that he was forced to neglect like school, job and/or girlfriend. I know, as I got some friends that needed TONS of time to get back on track regarding their hobbies after such crazy sicknesses.

    It doesn’t look good 😦

    Hope I am wrong but…

  30. Xilexio

    There was some progress by shi0n before and potential translators appeared. I just did not have time to update and check everything yet.

  31. Kira

    So the delay in releasing an update is not due to lack of content added since the last one but due to being to busy to handle the update?

    If so, then any tentative date when you think you can update the page/release new patch?

    Btw how is the trans recheck of Akira’s route going?

  32. Thanks for the concern, though I’m getting better everyday now. I had a severe peptic ulcer, I almost got a surgery, but they just decided to suck the blood off anyway. Now my job is to maintain my diet, and it’s getting better everyday. So everyone can expect me to be back before August comes. 🙂

  33. KainLegacy

    Am happy that you recovered, we will be waiting for you

  34. Nathan Bourne

    When you return, what will you be working on specifically? After buying Haruka na Sora today, I so desperately need a translation (for the Sora route of course). It just shows how much you guys do for us, honestly you should allow donations, I’d gladly donate since you’re having to do all this for free.

  35. Oof, an ulcer..thats not very fun 😦 Glad they were able to deal with it without to much complication. As long as you stick to healing, it won’t be an issue in the future. (from personal experience, heh)

  36. thank you
    for everything you done
    i was looking for haruka no sora
    i already end the jp version of yosuga
    and it was afun a lot of time with a dictionary in my hands ahahaha

  37. Xilexio

    For now just commenting the progress here:
    Sora: 8288/8288 (100.00%)
    Nao: 6037/7311 (82.57%)
    Akira: 7890/8793 (89.73%)
    Kazuha: 6634/6634 (100.00%)
    Motoka: 2109/6261 (33.68%)
    Common: 2096/2096 (100.00%)
    Total: 33054/39383 (83.93%)

    I’ll get to writing a proper post later. For now I’m using the time for checking new potential translators instead.

  38. Kira

    Any estimates when the patch will be updated?

  39. Sometimes i didn’t mind about translating, i know this hard for translator for checking this, i know on Nao chapter, still sub japanese, but don’t worry about that, i just little know about the japanese sub, so i didn’t really mind.

    Good Luck on your work to translate this VN!

  40. Hanako

    Thanks for patching this! Could your pretty please translate Haruka No Sora once you are done with this?

  41. James

    Hey, I read that Akira’s route is not completely checked or edited yet, but I’m fairly good at understanding broken sentences/poor grammar, and I don’t mind if the H-Scenes haven’t been translated, so my question is: Will I be able to enjoy Akira’s route yet, or should I definately wait for completion?

  42. Cheetar

    Hold on guys! U are doing good job 🙂

    Too bad, there aren’t too much potential translators out there. 😦

  43. paloma

    so how is it going guys? Still patiently waiting.

  44. Oh my gawrsh! Akira’s route is almost finish!! I’m excited! Good job with it so far and good luck for the rest of the work! ^u^/

  45. I want Nao…gib me Nao…..plz…..

  46. Should be about time for an August update post, yes? 🙂

  47. Xilexio

    It should be the time this month and also previous months, but there isn’t much progress. More specifically less than 100 lines for Motoka and less than 400 lines for Nao. Raw data below.

    File choices.txt: 0/0 (100.00%) lines, 4/4 (100.00%) choices
    File sora.txt: 8288/8288 (100.00%) lines, 0/0 (100.00%) choices
    File nao.txt: 6092/7311 (83.33%) lines, 0/0 (100.00%) choices
    File akira.txt: 7890/8793 (89.73%) lines, 0/0 (100.00%) choices
    File kazuha.txt: 6634/6634 (100.00%) lines, 0/0 (100.00%) choices
    File motoka.txt: 2109/6261 (33.68%) lines, 0/0 (100.00%) choices
    File common.txt: 2096/2096 (100.00%) lines, 0/0 (100.00%) choices
    Total: 33109/39383 (84.07%) lines, 4/4 (100.00%) choices

    I got a job lately, which is a reason why I get close to zero time for the project for the time being. Please bear with me for a bit more. I should start getting some free time in few weeks to do stuff like posting updates, describing what happened in last few months and finally getting to translate Akira H-scenes (though I think that they are very self-explanatory).

  48. Thanks for the answer! 🙂

    I’ve just finished watching YNS anime, so that’s why I’m here – Google brought me. 🙂 I’ve read the whole blog last night, and boy, you guys had quite some hardships since 2012! Frankly I’m amazed you’re still at it.

    All I hope is that translation is going to be sound as far as style and flow is concerned, considering how many different TLs worked over the time period. Lots of joy for TLCs and proofreaders! 😛

    Well, you have my support. Carry on, gentlemen!

  49. Muchas gracias por continuar con el trabajo. Espero que esto me sirva como práctica de mi inglés, así que voy esperando las actualizaciones.

  50. KainLegacy

    Hell yeah i knew that this was still alive, we are counting on you all, fight ON!

  51. Xilexio

    That is the plan, though it WILL take considerable amount of time.

  52. Jenya

    Hi! When will you make an english patch with Sora and Kazuha routes ?

  53. Xilexio

    It’s already done in the previous few patches…

  54. Scalariform

    Hey, I was just wondering if there was any more progress so far.
    A new post on the main page would be great, may help us to understand what exactly has been going on since April and why progress has been so slow since then.
    Anyways, I appreciate your work on this project and I’d really like to play it soon.

  55. Kira

    So the project is more or less on hold?

    Because when one got a really time consuming job it is hard to find any time at all for a hobby and one usually chooses to spend time with his/hers family instead or just takes it easy.

    I really appreciate what you guys did all over the years but maybe its time for one final release and then an official closing statement?

    I mean…it would be dickish to hope/expect for Xilexio to lose his job just so he can finally have time to work on this. Obviously he did not find a job just so he can tire himself out.

    On the other hand, having just a bit of free time every year to work on the project-summer holidays?- will result in the progress being so slow as to be almost nonexistent and I don’t know if it is good to give people expectations when the conditions of your life prevent you from delivering them.

    I hope I did not sound mean or full of myself when saying that but…

  56. Darest

    Actually the worst thing you can do is stop a project when it’s so close to completion. And I’m not saying it just because I want to see this project completed. Quitting at ~85% is sadly quite common and it’ll easily become a habit – you won’t be able to do anything to completion after you’ve quit once or twice before – never mind the regret one’d feel for quitting after working on something for years (trust me, I know).

    Besides no one’s expecting a miracle here. The completion rate for the project has never been that high but no one’s been complaining – we’re just happy that the project is progressing even if it takes time.

    I’m sure I’m not alone on this but I’m happy if there are even a few lines translated each month.

  57. Vladicka

    It would be verry pity, you know. I’m very thankfull for the work you’ve already done: I’ve read Kazuha and Sora routes and I really liked it. I wish you to find some time and strenght (don’t know if this word is correct in this situation).
    PS: Have been waiting for this translation for 4 years and hope that it wil be completed.

  58. Jeremy

    Hope you guys can finish this soon,you guys are really awesome .

  59. Niv

    It’s hellishy painful for perfectionists like me out there to be unable to fully go through everything. But it would be rude to ask you to do it faster. I just hope that it will at least be finished before 2017.

    Best of luck and determination to you.

  60. Tassio

    Hi guys, i’m anxious for conclusion of work. Congratulations everybody. And force.

  61. how about now? it has been a month

  62. Xilexio

    I think year 2016 seems realistic.

  63. Is there a new update? Looking forward to the release!

  64. Prof. William

    We can get some update infomation about the translation?

    You’re make a wonderful work!

  65. sdz

    Just wanted to thank you people in advance!
    I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time now and it seemsnlike you’re really getting somewhere.

  66. By the way guys… As of 02/10/2015, an update just for Nao-chan;

    Nao: 6276/7311(85.84%)

    Though, it’s not updated on the patch yet, it’s just my translated lines.
    Almost every translator seems to be busy with RL in the group. While I almost fell from the responsibilities I recently had, I almost quit translating. Being a project leader, being a responsible student, being a musician, and being a writer, seemed so difficult to fix my schedule. Though several days ago, I finished one of my university projects (Which really is big project, not your average school science project.), I had the time to translate and play YNS again. I found a light through the music of YNS again, and now happily translating Nao’s route again, maybe we don’t need a new translator for Nao-chan after all…

  67. Niv

    Great news! YNS music is indeed quite inspiring. You’ve got a really busy life, huh? I think I envy you x) My life is shallow and empty.

    I hope that we’ll get to see everything translated really soon =) Best of luck to you and the team.

  68. Which instruments are you playing? 🙂

  69. Scalariform

    Thank you, please keep translating. I’d really like to play this game soon.
    The anticipation is killing me. I’ve been holding off on watching the anime so I can play the VN, but the fact of the patch not being complete is keeping me from starting it now.

    I guess I’m just trying to say keep up the good work and I’m really looking forward to the english patch’s completion.

  70. Vladicka

    Thank you for the translation, I liked Sora route so much! Looking forward to this patch.

  71. Anonimous

    So, will you update the pach anymore, or project is discontinued?, sorry if I’m bothering

  72. Xilexio

    Sorry for making you guys worry. The project did slow down during this summer and I did not get time to properly write about what’s going on, but it seems to be back on the track and is definitely not discontinued.

  73. Scalariform

    Thanks for letting us know, I was pretty concerned that it may be called off. When can we expect to see another front page post detailing the stuff that went on since April?

  74. KainLegacy

    Thanks for answering and please take your time, we will be here when you finish the project, good luck.

  75. ADerpySnake

    I was worried when I saw that there hasn’t been an update since April but I’m glad you guys haven’t given up yet. Take your time and good luck with the work!

  76. pablomancera

    Thanks for answering my question, I am glad that the project has not been interrupted, take your time, we really appreciate your work

  77. Ole

    Thank for the dedication translating this stuff 🙂 Just discovered this site today. I’m usually a lurker but stuff really deserve a comment of thanks 🙂

  78. It seems that the project’s progress is still somewhat slow, but I’ll wait until you can finish it. Cheer up!

  79. Angel

    It’s kinda late but I’m hoping you guys will finish soon! All the best in work!!!

  80. Loser

    Slow is okay, better than dead.
    Slow is okay, it still give hope.
    Slow is okay, awaiting excitement each time visit.
    I know is hard to complete the project…good luck

  81. Schzarrs

    keep it up guys, even if the progress slow.
    only 3 route left. i’ll wait until you guys finish it.
    Thank you for translating this VN

  82. todoka

    I’m still waiting for the day YnS fully english, thank for your work and good luck!

  83. KainLegacy

    Here just to show a little of support, i hope that everything is going well for all of you.

  84. What a christmas present finishing this patch would be… *hint hint* 😀 Thanks for the good work and how much progress has been made recently?

  85. Kira

    So are you guys considering/preparing a Christmas present or it is done IF/when its (fully?) done?

    It might be hard to continue working on this after such a long “break” though Shion appears to have done some work since the last update almost 10 months ago…

    So there seems to be enough of new material to post an updated patch.

  86. It seems that Xilexio is quite busy himself. I’m always caught procrastinating and playing these past few days, I think I can pull off 95% for Nao-chan though.

    I’m glad that there are still some fans rooting for the team. 🙂

  87. You guys are doing god’s work. Keep doing what you do best.

  88. Nao-chan….nao-chan… 😥

  89. ‘Tis a very busy season, but I’m sure it will be finished, but not this Christmas.

  90. Buka

    All my prayers and hopes to the team making this happen…. Good Luck Guys!

  91. Kappamancer

    I know you can do it bros

  92. Leo

    Lots of fan are still here, Shion 😀 myself included. I’ve been here since the start and checking back several times every month, despite the lack of updates in recent time.

    But I believe you guys will finish the project in the end 😀

  93. Anonymous

    holy s***, I come every day waitng for news, I’m glad you’re still working on this, happy new year!!!

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