shi0n’s challenge

Rejoice! Nao’s route shall be completed earlier than expected! shi0n has bravely accepted a challenge from Yuki-tan to speed up (of course without lowering the quality). See for yourself.


… I think the team will only finish YNS in the end of 2016…


I felt challenged by your comment… I suddenly had the urge to translate and finish everything that’s in my back log…
*challenge accepted*

I will do more Nao-chan! 

shi0n has not given the exact date of completion, but at least number of translated lines per month will be higher than up until now! Assuming shi0n has around 64% of it done, he has only 36% left (of course QC will be performed after it). がんばってください, shi0n! (tl: Give it your best, shi0n!)



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35 responses to “shi0n’s challenge

  1. Hugo365

    Hope that would also happen with Akira, but well at elast its good to know that Nao will be finished before everyone expected.
    Good luck with your challenge Shion. And also keep up your good work. (And thats for the entire team behind the translation of YNS).

  2. 歌愛 ユキ

    … Ehhhhhhhhh??? 0o0 I’m happy that you will do more Nao from now on but I was talking about the other translators too, you’re the translator that most translate in a month because the others are just… >_> (I know that they have a life but not having any progress on the translation of X route… I never saw anything like that on other translation teams…) Well, good luck shi0n! Thanks for accepting my challenge! ❤

    • hahaha… I just noticed this in your comment now… I also have a life XD tbh, during the past months, I started dating a Japanese girl. So I was kinda busy though I still managed to do some translations and pass it. But now, while she’s in Japan for schooling again, and I’ll be going to my university as well… I’ll be doing more, just like the first time that I did Nao-chan’s script where I got hyped up and did 50% within three-four months.

      Thank you for you challenge XD I’m really giving it my all 🙂

      • Leo

        [Quote] tbh, during the past months, I started dating a Japanese girl. [/Quote]
        That sounds awesome 😀 wish u a happy relationship, Shion 😀

  3. Hoping for Akira and Mokota’s translators to take such a challenge too. More interested in their storyline >w<

  4. GravityLoL

    Are there any chance to next partial patch release? I would finnaly want to play Sora route with proper translation….

  5. mrwpq

    The real question is when will naos route be edited. The nao stuff in the current patch is rough. Still, progress is progress.

  6. skwiddz

    Keep up the good work!
    We are all cheering you on

  7. Tohsaka

    Err..So where do I get the partial? Sorry for being new

  8. suou

    Nice work,yuki-tan 😀
    btw: good luck you guys,i’m looking forward to see your hardwork 😀

  9. Rendal

    When akiras route, she is mai waifu.

    • Xilexio

      For now I am slowly retranslating some really bad work done by one of previous translators, but it’ll take quite a bit of time. And Anonymous is stalled for now I guess.

  10. Please do so. Been waiting for Nao for a long….long….time now… 😥

  11. rubytyr

    Hope the summer is going good for you guys!

  12. Huhea

    Keep it up! Looking forward to more!

  13. Kira

    So…how is the update patch coming along?

  14. Kira

    Yay, I hope it will make it in time as tomorrow I leave for a month or more on holidays so it would be nice to see what new stuff was added. Guess I’ll rest from school and internet for a while ^^

    In any case good to see that this translation project still stands strong.

    • Xilexio

      Aww… you make me feel bad. Okay, here are raw stats in case the Challenged One wouldn’t make it:

      File sora.txt: 8288/8288 (100.00%) lines
      File nao.txt: 4946/7311 (67.65%) lines
      File akira.txt: 6473/8793 (73.62%) lines
      File kazuha.txt: 6634/6634 (100.00%) lines
      File motoka.txt: 1889/6261 (30.17%) lines
      File common.txt: 2096/2096 (100.00%) lines
      Total: 30326/39383 (77.00%) lines

      Note that shi0n doesn’t immediately copy his work to our repository, so there might be more Nao.

  15. I’m always checking from time to time whenever I remember. Always glad to see some progress, no matter how much it is. There are times where I wish that I could help but I have no clue in this area. I can only sit here and feel grateful.

    The eagerly waiting, Nectok.
    Really am looking forward to it.

  16. I just want Sora no Haruka x.x …

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