2013/10/01 – progress update

Here is latest report on YNS:

  • Sora: 8288/8288 (100.00%)
  • Nao1445/7311 (19.76%)
  • Akira: 5451/8793 (61.99%)
  • Kazuha: 6634/6634 (100.00%)
  • Motoka: 1460/6261 (23.08%)
  • Common: 2096/2096 (100.00%)

Total: 25374/39383 (64.43%).

Like always, Anonymous made a good job. Cheers for him! I’ll try to do some real work on YNS this month too, I can’t let him be the only one translating.


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26 responses to “2013/10/01 – progress update

  1. Leo

    wow, that’s some nice progress there for the Akira route, Xilexio 🙂 I love it

    thanks for the good work, guys 🙂

  2. It’s Anonymous’s progress though.

  3. Starfire

    Hey, I’m a bit of a noob, just wondering how I download the latest patch?

  4. Xilexio

    Drop by on our IRC #xilexio@irc.rizon.net and get the freshest one from the channel topic.

  5. Errr…how do I download this patch?

  6. Kirashi

    Good job, I can’t wait anymore!
    Thank you for your work

  7. Xilexio

    Drop by on #xilexio@irc.rizon.net and find it there.

  8. poimoi

    What is your software for open .csx ?

  9. Xilexio

    One is Yosuga no Sora. Other is Haruka na Sora. Other is csx tool.

  10. Tropical_PWNch

    So whats the estimated date of when it will be done?

    P.S. Keep up the good work. I will be learning Japanese in the mean time 🙂

  11. japguy

    Great Guys. Keep up the goog work! Can’t wait! :]

  12. Free

    Half way there, awesome!

  13. Eppi

    I love how Nao is last! Keep it up, guys!

  14. Knives

    I’m so glad that there’s someone out there to translate this *_* Can’t wait for it to be done ^^

    Arigatou Gozaimasu!

  15. Robin Boob

    Almost there eh? Good luck folks!

  16. Yuki-tan

    I have a question, do you will translate the fandisk of Yosuga no Sora: Haruka na Sora?

  17. I can’t wait the full version! Good job!

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Xilexio

    Yes, after YNS. Hecrapan is already taking care of that.

  19. Xilexio

    I think about 2 years.

  20. Good luck we will wait patiently ! :D:D:D:D:D

  21. Good job guys we understand that it’s a tough job so we will cheer you guys up till you finish even if it take few years 😀

  22. Tornelico

    Heyo! Any news for the month of November? All news is good news. 😀

  23. Yuki-tan

    (I don’t know if i can post this here but…) I’m making walktrough videos with your english patch! 😀 Plz see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL66L7HBgyk for the prologue! ^-^

  24. Xilexio

    Time to write some.

  25. Xilexio

    I’d rather you removed outdated credits etc. (yeah, I need to update the site myself) and just linked to this site (or not). You can add the following link though with all completed stuff: http://fuwanovel.org/novels/yosuga-no-sora-partial-patch-sora-kazuha.

  26. Yuki-tan

    Ok, thanks. 🙂

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