2013/08/16 – progress update

Hello. Sorry for late progress report. Here it is:

  • Sora: 8288/8288 (100.00%)
  • Nao1445/7311 (19.76%)
  • Akira: 5053/8793 (57.47%)
  • Kazuha: 6634/6634 (100.00%)
  • Motoka: 1445/6261 (23.08%)
  • Common: 2096/2096 (100.00%)

Total: 24961/39383 (63.38%).

As you can see, Anonymous translated another portion of Akira’s route and that’s pretty much it. We’re going slowly, but surely.

There were comments about patch with uncensored H-CGs, so let me explain. There are three things to be done: a bit of hacking to put the images back into the game (I already extracted all graphics), redraw some… ekhm… parts that were too pixelized and finally edit images. If you’re good with drawing on PC, you’re more than welcome to join us.



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30 responses to “2013/08/16 – progress update

  1. leo

    thanks for the update, Xilexio 🙂

    glad to hear about the progress 😀 doesn’t matter if we are going slowly, as long as we keep going, we will get there 😀 keep up the good work, guys, huge thanks to you all 😀

  2. Thanks for the report.As leo said we are supporting you guys as long as you do it, it doesn’t matter if it is slow.
    ( •_•)
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    Hell yeah!!!!

  3. Ganbatte! Just happy to see everyone is alive and well 🙂

  4. WEhCrew29

    yeah take your time guys, no need to rush it. Just keep up the good work. ^^

  5. Angamir

    January 2013 – 59 %
    August 2013 – 63 %

    100 % ??
    with current speed – January 2018

    Dont get me wrong – I apreciate what is beeing done regardless.
    Still It is hard to imagine someone waiting for 4,5 year for this game

    • David

      It’s over, the only route that was needed was Kasugano’s, the rest are nothing

      • Xilexio

        I know it’s slow. But remember that it’s not only for those waiting, but also for all that are going to learn about this game later.

        Let’s take for example Key’s VN Air. It was released in year 2000 and got translated recently: http://fuwanovel.org/novels/air-100-beta-patch-01-gao-gao-translations
        It took around 13 years. And I’m pretty sure quite a lot of people are still gonna love it.

        @David: Please don’t start a holy war. If you’re satisfied with Sora alone, feel free to grab her patch and that’s all. But as poll made some time ago shows, around 64% looks forward to Sora’s route the most. Even if we assume that those ~1000 patch downloads were all from people who like only Sora, that still leaves at least 500 people who are waiting for one of other routes. I think it’s enough to continue this project.

        • leo

          very well said, Xilexio 🙂

          I love 2 routes the most: Sora’s and Akira’s. But still, I would really like to see this project continue and finish this great story in its entirety. Apart from the satisfaction that it would give us all – knowing that we didn’t give up something midway, and cheer on the project until its completion – it would also ensure those who like the other routes not feel like they were abandoned 🙂

        • Angamir

          I didnt mean that your effort is totaly meaningless. I say I am gratefull you are doing anything, even if this was to be compleated in 10 years.
          It iis very improtant to give future generation a chance to play this kind of games.
          Its a shame western countries did not follow in japan example in regards to adult content and stories in their games. Instead all there is is shooting and gore.

        • Elijah

          Thank you translaters please keep up the good work. I’ve put my game on hold ever since I discovered this project just to wait for 100% translation 😡

  6. what

    Did I miss something or what? Because when the pool cleaning scene starts the translation stops for some reason. I haven’t even come to a choice branch either.

  7. Haddock

    Guys, we’d like you to know we really appreciate your effort and patience in this project, and eagerly await for the final version to be released. There is no problem with the length of the process as I’m sure you’re making a serious good work there. Thanks a lot for the progress update, and keep up the good job!

  8. solhorus

    thanks nwn

  9. Dolphin3007

    aaah can’t wait to play it!

  10. DeathStrike

    Can Somebody tell me how to unlock the Sora Route?

  11. laxus

    When or were can i download what has been translated until know plz ?

  12. Cloudian

    500 line, keep going, you guy are amazing!

  13. LoveLoveMaid

    I would very much like to play Motoko’s route…I like her the best..Yes the best!!…even better than Sora…but anyway i am still happy with the works that you are guys are putting on…would love to help but all i can do is pray,cheer and hope…:3

  14. Sorry for no update lately, was very busy with work. The hectic time is at its end, so expect update in next 3 days ❤

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