July 2nd, 2013 Update


Well, let’s crack out the new stats!

  • Sora: 8288/8288 (100.00%)
  • Nao: 1445/7311 (19.76%)
  • Akira: 4531/8794 (51.52%)
  • Kazuha: 6634/6634 (100.00%) (100% edited)
  • Motoka: 1432/6261 (22.87%)
  • Common: 2096/2096 (100.00%(100% edited)
  • Total: 24426/39384 (62.02%).

If you look, you’ll probably notice that none of the numbers are different. This is an undeniable truth. However, the one thing is different is that the Kazuha route has been completely edited, and actually makes sense in English now! Woohoo!

Again, if you notice any errors, feel free to post them in the comments box so I can get to it right away.

The patch will be up on IRC on #xilexio @ Rizon.net


Note: For a quick and simple way to access our IRC channel, go here: http://webchat.rizon.net/?channels=xilexio



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26 responses to “July 2nd, 2013 Update

  1. Harag

    Then I guess it’s time to reread it. Just le me finish Rewrite.
    I hope Sora’s route will be edited as well.
    Thanks for the hard work!

  2. David

    Strongly agree with harag, thanks.

  3. Yago

    Thank you guys!

  4. Thank for the report Love ya 😀

  5. banana1

    Congratulations on the project!
    And thanks!

  6. moon

    thank for hard work,keep trying,
    best wishes to you!

  7. ckkkk

    call me ungrateful (yeah i know how long it’s taken, i’ve been here since the project was announced) but i dont really consider this http://puu.sh/3wd0p.jpg to be ‘edited.’ i can understand it fine, but maybe you guys should let some non-nihongo speakers (as there’s plenty of them) take a crack at it. it’s really just proofreading. the parts after you talk with Ryouhei and akira at the gate are the shitty ones, just to let you know.

    • Hm. I’ll take a look at it when I go through the Sora route. I don’t know what went wrong there, it might have been something that got mixed up during the implementation of our new editing system.

      Thanks for letting me know. This is something that must be fixed at all costs.

    • shion

      oh, I think it means…

      “What? Doesn’t your previous school owns a pool?”

      or something like that…

  8. Eppi

    Keep it up, guys! Thanks for the hard work

    Yosuga no Sora is my all time favorite anime, and I can’t wait to read the VN

  9. Hi I’m sorry for the (I think) obvious question but. Can I download this patch? and If I can How? (Sorry for the grammar orrors actually english its not my first leanguage)

  10. I do not know if this only happend to me but during the common route there’s still many texts in japanese even if you said 100% TL 100% edited.
    Can someone relate or I am the only one ?

  11. mazlboy

    Can you tell us how the uncensor patch is going at the moment please?

  12. Noticed that Motoka’s last name is spelled incorectly in a couple of places just thought i would tell you

    i know my spelling sucks Dyslexia is such a drag

  13. GranPayaso

    Thanks for the report! Keep up the good job, we’re really excited and counting on you!! :DDD

  14. thx you guys are awesome!

  15. David

    It was nice while it lasted, thanks for your guys time, it really helped me

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