Haruka na Sora: First Press Edition

I made an unboxing video myself as to what the First Press Edition of Haruka na Sora contains.




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18 responses to “Haruka na Sora: First Press Edition

  1. Please make a gameplay video! ^-^

  2. Aww Sugoi!!! Sora’s Stuff toy is so cute~ 🙂 And it talks!!! 😀

    • “haru, isshou ni ite” – “haru, let’s be together”; “baka nan da kara” – “because (you’re) a dummy”; “yamete yo, hazukashii” – “stop it, it’s embarrassing”; “doko ni mo ikanaide” – “dont go anywhere”; “zutto soba ni ite ne” – “always be at my side, okay?”;

  3. Angamir

    hell !
    All this time waiting for game made me learn Lapanese Myself.

    Right now after month of leanient studies I easly read Hiragana Katagana and arround 100 kanji. And I can understand arround 70% of day to day chatter in Japanese.

    The hard part begins now tho.

    Well I plan to know at least 2000 kanji and be able to comunikate smoothly by the next summer when I intend on going to japan for a 3-4 weeks.

  4. Pikabit

    Any update on the translation?

  5. If you manage to pull this translation off, I will worship you like a god. Seriously.

  6. xPoWx~

    do you know any other way to get the doll/where did you buy the first press edition?
    Because I ordered by mistake the normal edition…..and after paying 110$ + shipping, I don’t really feel like buying the complete set again….if possible, I want to get the doll separately.
    Any info helps, please share your sources^^

  7. Malagelo

    Just out of curiosity.
    It’s true that Sora is pregnant in Haruka na Sora?

  8. ukulelembo

    How do I install Haruka na Sora? When I begin the installation appears 1628 error message. What should I do?

  9. 結城明

    Try to relax mate you seem a bit tense lol

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