Well, I feel like posting an update because well…I’ve got nothing else to do!

Well, I ordered the Haruka na Sora First Press Edition off of Amazon.co.jp. Which is pretty cool. You can bet that I’ll be posting pictures like I did for the last one…which was disappointing. Very disappointing.

Anyway, the update: (For some odd reason, my numbers seem different than the previous post…  If someone could tell me why they’re different, that’d be awesome)

  • Sora: 8286/8286 (100.00%)
  • Nao: 1445/7311 (15.66%)
  • Akira: 3802/8794 (43.23%)
  • Kazuha: 6634/6634 (100.00%) [Currently in editing, probably 7/8 done]
  • Motoka: 1429/6259 (22.83%)
  • Common route: 2096/2096 (100.00%)

Total: 23691/39380 (60.16%).

Pretty good, if you ask me! Just needs more Akira! Speaking of Akira, Anonymous has joined us, and he’s doing a great job! We’ve gotten almost an additional 400 lines in Akira thanks to him!

Edit: The numbers were screwed up. Now they’re okay. Sorry for misinformation. — Xilexio



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26 responses to “Update

  1. ABC

    that sound good i’m Akira fan too

  2. NeoDragon

    good to hear.. that made my day^^

    But… I think there’s something wrong with the numbers… for example: in this post the number of total lines is different from the previous update…

  3. NeoDragon

    Arghhh… that comes from not reading the whole update… lesson learned^^

  4. BloodRedSnow

    You guys are awesome!

  5. Ymate

    The numbers may be different because the number of the total lines for some of the caracters has changed! :O It may or may not be the correct data, you should check them again! 🙂

  6. Mikomakoman

    I keep following up on your updates, and i get more and more excited for every time i do:)
    Good job and good luck on the rest!

  7. MrG

    thk thk thk thk

  8. Darkquake

    Hey thanks for your awesome work 😉
    I also have just some general questions about the game and it’s fandisc.
    I was wondering how they should be played in relation to each other? eg. If I get both of them and install them both, which one should I play first?

  9. patrixio

    is this free??

  10. solhorus

    i wait for kazuha Q_Q i love , thanks TwT

  11. D NEO

    My Copy of the game is ready! ^.^

  12. TricksterMaster

    Can’t wait till it’s completed! ^_^

  13. Lilith1991

    Can’t wait till the full patch gets released. I have trouble logging onto #xilexio (still a noob with IRC) can some on please mail me the partial patch?

  14. Serebi

    Wow, finishing 7% in such a short time! You guys are just breezing through this. Good luck on completing it, I’ll be looking forward to it! 😀

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