Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude Where We Are Least Alone Visual Novel First Press Edition

If anyone’s been spending time on a few of the IRC channels I’ve spent time in, mostly #xilexio, you’d have known that I ordered the Yosuga no Sora First Press Edition last week, because I feel bad for working on an illegally obtained copy and distributing a patch for it to the public. Well, here are the contents.

First, the box art:


It’s a box with a similar shape to a laptop computer, where the box has a spine so that the top connects to the bottom when it’s close, and remains attached to the bottom when it is opened. All the Japanese Visual Novels I own have this format, so it’s nothing new, but it’s worth pointing out.

Secondly, is the game, of course:


This is obviously the main component in the Visual Novel First Press Edition, because it’s the Visual Novel itself.

Third is the User Manual, the Instruction Manual if you will.


It has little stamp-sized photos of the characters, kind of like what you see in vacation albums, but it’s nothing as exquisite as what’s in our trjr banner.

And last is the feature exclusive to the Yosuga no Sora First Press Edition, the Amatsume Akira Image CD.


It has a few songs sung by the voice actress who played Amatsume Akira, Sakata Kayo. It’s nice to have because I’m an Akira fan, so it makes me happy that there’s no Sora-themed items.



Overall, I was greatly disappointed at the lack of goodies of this visual novel. I was expecting at least an awesome artbook for the price I paid, but only got an Image CD. It’s quite depressing, really. I made sure to update VNDB to say what the special edition came with, so that some people might not make the same mistake as me.

I heard that the Haruka na Sora First Press Edition Visual Novel comes with Sora’s stuffed rabbit. Perhaps I’ll get that one day in the future. But compared to the previous first press editions of visual novels I’ve obtained, Rewrite and Rewrite Harvest Festa, they were loaded with goodies in comparison to this one.

If you’re a huge Yosuga no Sora fan, I guess go for it, but otherwise, just purchase the regular for a lot cheaper. After all, we must support the developers, and I’m sure nobody here pirated the game, right?



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16 responses to “Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude Where We Are Least Alone Visual Novel First Press Edition

  1. david

    I’m disappointed at the length of the story, especially the anime. Sad to say but I didn’t do my part in supporting the developer’s and probably won’t if they leave the story where it’s at.

    • Well, I’m hoping that Haruka na Sora expands a lot in the 200ish lines per character (Other than Sora). I truly believe Kozue should have gotten her own route from the beginning, because she’s amazingly cute.

  2. david

    To a very few us, maybe just me, few of these character’s are more than just a cute character. I’d appreciate if you addressed her properly

  3. MeiKo

    Where’d you get it from?

    • Bought it on Amazon.co.jp, using the auto-translate to English function of Google Chrome, and had it send to my Tenso.com address, and Tenso forwarded it to my house. It took about six days from me purchasing to it arriving at my house.

      • MeiKo

        Jeez. So altogether, include the price of the P.O box, how much did it cost you all together o.O (Though I guess some people (such as myself) enjoy paying more for that limited edition copy :D)

  4. Aaeru

    That artstyle is dead now 😦

    the newest game by Sphere is even further away from the yosuga & white breath style.

    and I really liked that artist’s drawings…

    well i dont feel bad bcuz i used my 21st century printing press to print my own copy, i chose not to pay them to use their printing press bcuz my own one can do it for cheaper.

  5. rdweller

    There should be an illustration book that comes with it, one with character sketches and guest illustrations. Though I got mine from Himeya a while back.
    thanks for doing the translation by the way.

    • It was sealed, so it was brand-new. I’m guessing it was like an “early purchase” sort of deal.

      • rdweller

        I checked and you’re right, it’s supposedly some sort of pre-order bonus. Maybe they just had some left back then.

        • I know in Japan, for a limited while with purchases of manga, you can get bonuses from stores. You don’t have to necessarily preorder. For example, I got my Tora Kiss: A School Odyssey Volume 1 tankobon at a DC Comics store, and I got a free bookmark with the Volume 1 cover design on it.

          Though I have also heard that the bonus you get depends on the store… God, it’s starting to sound like video games…

  6. Bishide

    They do stuff like this since VNs tend to not sell very well at all after the first couple of months. First press editions are just to reel in more potential buyers, not to scam people but it’s a hyping kind of thing. While it is neat I would suggest to anyone else seeking to purchase a copy to just get the regular edition.

  7. I am embarking on a quest to buy the first press edition of HNS, ill let you know if the bunny is included as soon as i get my copy.

  8. Angamir

    Eagerly awaiting march update guys !

  9. tama

    O-of course we buy the legal copies…
    I would buy anything that has my waifu Sora in itself.

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