Hi! My name is Hecrapan and I present to you the TRJR monthly update.

Alright guys, as some of you might have noticed after Linktriforce arrival my role has changed from Assistant Proofreader to Project Manager (Sending patches, helping recruit possible TL’s, answering questions and such).

Today I’m proud to announce my first monthly update, so without further ado.

Here’s the project status in terms of translated lines:

Kasugano Sora 8334/8334 lines translated 100% complete Yay!!!

Yorihime Nao 798/7378 lines translated 10.78% complete

Amatsume Akira 3304/8860 lines translated 37.3% complete

Migiwa Kazuha 6305/6690 lines translated 94.2% complete

Nogisaka Motoka 424/6315 lines translated 6.7% complete

Common Route 2119/2119 lines translated 100% complete Yay!!!

21784/39696 lines translated altogether. 54.9% complete

I know some values have changed since Linktriforce update but apparently he screwed up the math somewhere.

Out of topic

Now after checking the site statistics xilexio and i found out that a lot of people came to the site from 4chan, Eroge games forums, visualnovelaer (Thanks Aaeru) and vnsociety. So i decided to make an account on erogegames, lurk on /jp/ more often and spend more time in the other blogs. In Eroge Games Forums you can find me by Hecrapan (My profile pic is Sora). So if you want to start a thread or hear me rant about my love for Sora look me up.



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8 responses to “Hi! My name is Hecrapan and I present to you the TRJR monthly update.

  1. Hecrapan

    Now lets move on to the Sora patches.

    I cant give you an actual number (remember that we do it by mail to make it more UNDERGROUND). But Several people have asked the question so ill give you an approx. Since October 29 we have sent more than 400 patches. There.

  2. Arkan

    Hello again Hecra-chan~

    Perhaps I’ll lurk you on erogegame…

  3. Leo

    sounds great 😀

    btw, great to hear that you love Sora, Hecrapan 😀 I loveeee Sora as well 😀

  4. Xaphier

    can anyone give me walktrough for kazuha and sora route? walkthru in japan not make sense, i really want to read their route

  5. wahhh, Nao-chan is only 11%

  6. Gimme a Sora and a Kazuha and I’ll be satisfied for now. 😀

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