Recent staff changes and information about Haruka na Sora

As I wrote some time ago, vnsociety guys, namely Zky and Cafe decided to help us in translation of Yosuga no Sora. Zky will continue Akira’s route and Cafe started on Motoka’s route.

Apart from them, Joyjason decided to help too, with Nao’s route. So, finally, the project started going at full speed.

I’d like to thank deltakei and valerauko for what they did in the project up until now, but since we have translators willing to work at much better pace, they will get back to their works.

As I observe speed of new translators, I can see that mine was (and still is) miserable. It’s good to have fast translators in the project. Anyway, for the good of the project, I switched to translating the rest of Kazuha’s route (leaving Akira’s route for Zky) and got my other job here – hacking CSX file (and later probably the game itself) to make character names translateable too and resolve few problems with text displaying. Later translation check and so on… I won’t have time to get bored.

As some might have noticed, Hecrapan started helping with project management lately (mails… hundreds of mails… and not only that).

To sum it up, please go to the Staff page for information about who is working on what now, as lots of things changed.

And now a quick info about Haruka na SoraObscure, former translator of Motoka’s route really got active, just as he promised, and started working on Haruka na Sora. Until Yosuga no Sora is completed, fan disk will have much lower priority and it won’t get any attention from other team members, but that doesn’t mean that there will be no progress. Though, I won’t be publishing any detailed statistics about it until Yosuga no Sora is ready. Currently, Sora’s route is translated in around 11% and the game is translated in around 3.8% overall.

By the way – Hecrapan will make the next project status post soon.



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3 responses to “Recent staff changes and information about Haruka na Sora

  1. Streak-sama

    Nice to see you guys working so hard to give us something like this. I appreciate it. I wish I could contribute, but all I know how to do is decensor images. hmmm… now there’s a thought ;D

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