Just a little announcement.

As of November 21st, 2012, I have completed Proofreading of the Common Route, which means it’s going to be flowing better in english, and actually make a lot more sense. There were points where I was scratching my head, asking what some things even meant. >.>;

Thanks Xilexio, Zky, Cafe, Katsudon and Castellan from Japanzai, and Ixrec from Amaterasu for putting up with my constant annoyances.

Well, I guess I’ll start the Sora route soon, seeing as how I’ve finished my job quality checking the Shizuru route on Rewrite as part of Amaterasu.


Thanks for all the support.
– Linktriforce007



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7 responses to “Just a little announcement.

  1. NextQuestion

    First off, thanks for the update and your hard work on this project. I just have a few questions.

    1. Could you guys give the community an update on the current project status? Something similar to this post: https://trjr.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/hello-fellow-yosuga-no-sora-fans/
    2. Who should I be emailing to request a copy of the current patch? I sent an email to the Xilexio’s email address but I still haven’t received a reply.

    Again, thanks for your efforts on the project. Can’t wait for the final release.

    • Xilexio

      There will be another project update soon.
      You can still email at xilexio.yns@gmail.com. Hecrapan is taking care of those mails and sometimes he manages to miss few. Sorry for that.
      I’ll send you the patch on the mail you put in this comment.

  2. NekoPalta

    Wow, thank you very much for your hard work 😀
    Everyone is amazing, working so hard to have such an amazing game ready soon, it’s really big from everyone here 😉

    Have fun with Sora’s route, and hope to have more news from everyone as soon as it’s ready.

    Once again, thank you and hope you keep enjoying this proyect the most you can 😀

  3. Arkan

    … i.imgur.com/bqF2W.gif

  4. Arkan

    I was going to post a link to an imgur gif to sum up the situation, but realized that posting links is illegal. So, thank you for all of your hard work!

    (also, dat feels)

  5. Miih~

    Just noticed that you’re doing the VN, and I just loved Yosuga no Sora when it aired. So I’ll be following you. Thanks for doing this project and hopefully you’ll get it done eventually so we’d all get to play it.

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