Sora’s route finished!

Those are news from last minute. Kudryavka, the translator that was anonymously working on Sora’s route, has finished it.



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64 responses to “Sora’s route finished!

  1. hecrapan

    OMG! OMG! OMG!
    Finally, after all this years!!!
    Thank you!

  2. Yay. Time to proofread more.

  3. _DK

    Woa, its the result of wating. So Sweet by now.

    May I know when you intent to release patch ?

    • Xilexio

      Because I don’t want Sphere to have means to take down this site, like happened with tlwiki, I won’t publish the game patch until it’s ready in 100% (translation + proofreading).
      Until it’s ready, everyone that requests it by mail on will get the current patch. I’d like to ask those people not to publish it anywhere to not create unnecessary risks.

  4. david

    Amazing job guys, thank you for everything.

  5. Osman

    Finally! I wonder when released? İ really want to play sora route ^^

  6. AllenaReifu

    that’s great :3.. good job :D…. waiting for the full >.<

  7. xP0wx~

    It is awesome how much you guys already did….I’ll wait patiently for the 100% patch and until then….well a partial one via mail wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

    Btw.: it would be really nice if you could also translate Haruka na Sora afterwards….but no need to rush

  8. Xilexio

    30 patches sent already. Sora sure is popular…

  9. Osman

    how i can download patch Xilexio???

  10. Arkan

    Whoa, that guy works fast ^^

    I’ll take a patch please~

  11. anon

    Great work with the translation guys! I dare to say that I love you xD
    A question to clarify some doubts I have by the way:
    This patch includes all the current translated text right? In other words, it doesn’t just include Sora’s route but for example, the common route + Sora’s route right?
    Sora’s route isn’t fully edited I guess? Will there be some kind of announcement when it’s editing is complete?
    Lastly, I also request the patch if you don’t mind. The mail I used to post is valid.

    Thanks for answering and reading this post. Keep up the great work!

    • Xilexio

      The patch contains all current work. That is:
      – common route
      – Kazuha’s route without 2 h-scenes
      – Sora’s route
      – partial Akira’s route
      – few lines from Nao’s and Motoka’s routes
      Also, it’s only partially proofreaded in common and Kazuha’s routes. Sora’s route isn’t touched by a proofreader yet.

  12. Aaeru

    this is very cool.

    ty for the work! you guys are legendary

  13. Arkan

    Thanks for the patch~

    On another note, from your last post “don’t expect any progress on that in the near future.” you’re a bit of a pessimist aren’t you? xP

    • Xilexio

      Heh. Well, Kudryavka did say that he had another vn projects to work on, so there would be a delay. But, thankfully, he decided to not put it off until later and finish this job first.

  14. Natan

    Oh my God. I cried manly tears.

    Thank you very much!

  15. Osman

    How i play sora route? Can you tell me which one to select options for sora route?

  16. Ritualist

    MFW! Best news all years

  17. Luz Terin

    Awesome news,keep up the good work and don’t burn out yourselves.
    I’m wondering if you’ll translate the Fan Disk too.Don’t know if you’ve been asked before,but when I like something I tend to search/find/download everything that’s related to it. :]
    Also is Imouto Paradise dropped? It seems like an interesting game also the art is beautiful.
    Again thanks for all you’re doing. :]

    • Xilexio

      I don’t know about the Fun Disk yet. The probability is high, but let’s finish with Yosuga no Sora first. Experience says that doing many projects at the time makes all of them fail.
      Imouto Paradise is dropped. trjr dropped it (see the post he titled “Imouto paradise is boring”) and I only picked up Yosuga no Sora. I don’t plan to do Imouto Paradise.

      • Luz Terin

        I see,well I meant when you’re done with Yosuga no Sora is there a chance of doing it,but I’m glad that you’re considering of doing it.
        Also a shame that Imouto Paradise is dropped.In that post he said that it’s temporarily halting work, that’s why I thought that maybe there’s a chance that it will be continued.
        Thanks for your answer. :]

  18. Arkan

    Hmm, after playing for a bit (up to the first visit to Akira’s shrine, for the curious) I find myself possessed with the intense urge to correct your guys’ grammar and spelling….

    Don’t suppose your in desperate need of a(nother?) grammar-spelling editor…?

    • Xilexio

      Our proofreader just hasn’t gotten to that part yet. He won’t only corrent grammar and spelling, but also rephrase everything to be more readable and natural.

    • hecrapan

      Yeah i had the same feeling when i played the first patch. In fact that’s one of the main reasons i joined the project.

  19. hecrapan

    Also WE HAVE SENT OVER 100 patches everyone!!! Thank you for the support!!

  20. Eruin

    Can I send you a email via hotmail,or it has to be gmail?

    • Xilexio

      I just need to be able to send you the email. The email address you included in your comment doesn’t work, so send me an email to titled “Sora’s patch request” or whatever and I’ll send you the patch.

  21. Xilexio

    By the way, hecrapan is taking care of sending patches since Thursday (the same mail). If anyone won’t get his patch after e-mail, please send it once again. Since there are a lot more requests than I imagined (since the patch is still incomplete), there’s a small chance that we’ll miss someone in the process.

  22. ataraxia_

    Requesting patch.

    Thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to reading it.

  23. Daniel

    Requesting patch here as well!
    Thanks so much!!!

  24. Arkan

    Haaah, the elections are over, glorious. Also, here is my clumsy attempt at starting some poll thing. Who’s everyone’s favorite (and least) character? Myself, am partial to Motoka and hold a (probably) irrational irritation towards Hiro…

  25. hey i just receive the patch, thank you so much! i hope to hear more from you guys and like I said before, keep up the great work!! :))

  26. So i think i’m ending up with Kazu-chan, am i doing it right?

    • Xilexio

      Sora’s route is unlocked after finishing any of other routes. So, you’ll need to play Kazuha’s route or one of untranslated routes first.

  27. kurayamikun

    How long do you think it will be until the route is proofread, and the two ero-scenes in Kazuha’s route are finished being translated?

    • To be honest, I don’t really know. I’ve been doing around 400 lines a day lately in terms of proofreading, but I’m only doing the common route first. Note that as it was stated before, this route cannot be accessed until after another route is completed.

  28. Arkan

    Hey~ It’s been a year (I think) since the first post on this site, so happy birthday~

    • NekoPalta

      You’re right, it’s 1 year since this page was made public, so happy birthday everyone, and thanks for all your work during the last year 😉

  29. Awesome, thanks guys. The FD is gonna translated as well right?
    Sora is awesome and really cute, it feels good to be alive today!

  30. luca

    Awesome, i was looking forward to it.

  31. drinksora

    Hey! i would also be greatful for the path! thank you much! 🙂

  32. Cosmos

    Hey, just received the patchy. Thank you so much! XD

  33. Concentus

    Requesting a Patch, I sent an email a week back but it looks like it didn’t get through.
    -Thanks in advance.

  34. Rada

    Sent an email as well. Can’t wait to play Sora’s route 😀
    Thanks for the hard work you guys 😀

  35. Lor

    Email sent ^^ Thanks so much for your hard work, you guys are awesome!

  36. Rom

    Requesting Sora’s Patch… thank you!

  37. thanks for the patch keep the hard work

  38. mikufanboy

    I’d like Sora’s patch too if you’re still passing it out. Sent an email too just to be sure :D. Thanks and Merry Christmas~!

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