Project status – 10/14

Time for another monthly update. Here’s the project status in terms of translated lines:

  • Sora’s route – anonymous translated around 400 lines, ~6100/8334 lines done (~73%).
  • Nao’s route – valerauko translated a bit by mistake, instead of Motoka’s route ^.^”, 7/7378 lines done (0.1%).
  • Akira’s route – some progress by me (Xilexio), 2676/8860 lines done (30.2%).
  • Kazuha’s route – some progress by deltakei, 5934/6690 lines done (88.7%).
  • Motoka’s route – no new lines, but what was considered a “bad end” turned out to be a part of her route, 52/6315 lines done (0.8%).
  • Common route – finished, 2119/2119 lines done (100%).

Overall, ~16076/39696 lines done (42.5%).

Now, let’s start with trjr: as you can see, our founder is alive, but won’t be getting to the translation for now. To be honest, I don’t believe we’ll be done with the project this year. So, when trjr comes back to translation, we’ll have one translator more.

This month, a good proofreader with experience, linktriforce007, joined us. He promised to take care of the whole game, so from now on he’ll be the only one proofreading. Those are good news, because now we can be sure that game will be in one, consistent style. I’d like to thank previous proofreaders here: hecrapan, das_nub and Fi11 for their work – they removed a lot of spellings and other mistakes from the scenario.

Another good news is that all translators started their work. Anonymous translated considerable amount of Sora’s route. valerauko and deltakei started recently and translated a bit. Because Yosuga no Sora is a side project for anonymous and he’s currently got other projects, don’t expect progress on Sora’s route in near future.

Also, I made mistake with “bad end” route. I noticed it while checking what it actually was and trying to get to it (in fact, I tried each possibility of choices in common route there is, so there’s no mistaking it). There is no “I haven’t got close to any of the girls” bad end route in this game. I have mistaken a part of Motoka’s route for it, because it was placed apart from the rest of her route and just after the common route in scenario files.

As you can see, I worked on the blog itself too. I changed the theme, trying to make it look better. I hope you like the result. I also updated the “Staff” and “About” pages to show the current state.

As a final note, there are often comments like “When will the next project update be?”. Up until now, I made update around once a month. If there’s a need to make more frequent updates, I’ll do it. Though, writing a post properly usually takes me as much as translating 20 lines would take (30 minutes – 1 hour), because I need to contact translators, check scenario files, make computations and write a proper post. While keeping this in mind, please vote on the survey below.



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8 responses to “Project status – 10/14

  1. Harag

    I will consider the “Once a day” choice as a joke^^(I hope it is)
    Once a month is more than enough.
    Thank you for translating this game! 🙂

    • Xilexio

      It was kind of “sanity check” if someone has though before giving an answer. Well, it _could_ be done with a script, but… If there are people that need status all the time, there’s the irc channel.

  2. a

    keep it up.. you’re doing God’s work.

  3. leo

    great stuffs 😀 many thanks Xilexio 🙂 look like the project is going well, best of luck to all those involved 🙂

  4. Devon

    Hello, it’s really great there are people who translate this. 🙂
    I would like to ask, will be there a translation of fan disk “Haruka na Sora” after this? 😐

    • Xilexio

      At this point in time, I can only say “maybe”. As you can see from last post, trjr is up for it. Though, let’s think about next project after we reach at least 90% of Yosuga no Sora.
      Also, Haruka na Sora is “fun disk”, not “fan disk”, whatever that means. It’s made by Sphere.

  5. kurayamikun

    I love you guys for translating this game!
    Keep up the awesome work, we’re all very thankful to you.

  6. Raikishi

    Well, once a month is more than enough, no need for updates all the time, and last but no least, thanks for the time and effort you guys are putting into this, keep it up!

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