Holy shit banner

So I’m in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatamala for 2 more months without translation capability. This is for a soul-searching sabbatical after a number of personal tragedies and professional issues came up and I just couldn’t function properly, either as translator to YnS or in general. As the founder of the project I feel like a dick for dumping the project on the rest of the team.

And they’re doing beautifully without me. There’s an actual banner on the site, Xilexio has emailed me a number of times (keep up the emails on status updates, by the way) and the progress looks so much better than I could have imagined it. Hopefully when I return from my soul-searching I’ll do something radical and great. Like quit my job and work full time translating and filmmaking independently…


See you in two more months, everyone. Hopefully we’ll be working on Haruka no Sora by then. TRJR out.



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11 responses to “Holy shit banner

  1. J

    good luck with the project 🙂

  2. NarukamiYu

    Does that mean you’ve got plans to work on Haruka na Sora? I was quite interested in that. Is it actually a direct sequel or simply a spin-off with other characters involved or something?

    • xP0wx~

      It’s kinda like a sequel, but not a full game. It involves the same characters, but as far as I know it basically contains afterstories as conclusions for the stories from YnS, so I guess you’ll have to pick the character you want to continue with in the beginning and from there on more read the story, rather than actually play a game.
      I personally don’t mind though.

      • Nanashi

        It’s just a couple what if scenarios with Iinchou and that one older chick. You also get a second Sora route.

        It’s basically more of the same. Light on plot, lots of slice of life, and then bit of drama and H towards the end of each route.

        • NarukamiYu

          Ah okay, I appreciate the info on it! Too bad it’s not a full-on sequel though.

          Also, to TRJR, hope things start looking up for you! I know a lot of people appreciate your work as well as the others who are doing this translation.

  3. Good luck soul-searching. XD

  4. Aresta

    It sounds like this translation will be over in two months. If it is I will be very happy. I was waiting for this to be translated for 1.5 years

    • Xilexio

      Looking at current speed, I’d assume somewhere around February-May 2013 is more realistic. My bad, I told trjr before that maybe we’ll manage to finish before his return.

  5. nobuhiro

    can i ask if i can help in translation iam a half japanese i can speak english fluently put my japanese is not perfect i just started to live again here in japan maybe i can give it a try to translate just that i cant read the hard kanji yet

  6. CloudyWolf

    i kinda had a feeling something happened that there wasn’t any updates for a while….anyways, hope you find what you are looking for to get you back on the horse, so to speak….kinda know how that feels….oh, & wish the other members of translation team best of luck….wish i could help out but too bad my nihongo sucks….

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