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Project status – 9/15

I’m finally done with other things, so I’m getting back to the project. Sorry for the wait.

So, in last few days I merged what I got from our QCrs with current scenario files. Our QCrs are improving readability and removing spelling and grammar errors from what’s already done, and they seem to be doing a good job.

As for my part, I pretty much haven’t made any progress since mid-August, because I had something else to do with bigger priority. In the first part of the month, apart from translating Akira’s route, I was working on recruiting new translators from some of existing fansub groups. Now, I have good and bad news. Good news – I managed to get us three new translators:

  • Anonymous – anonymous translator that promised to work on remainder of Sora’s route.
  • valerauko – will translate Motoka’s route.
  • deltakei – will translate missing parts of Kazuha’s route.

Bad news – they haven’t translated anything yet and Anonymous didn’t reply me about the progress yet.

Also, as I noted in comments in last post, I merged what Fi11 got with our current scripts, so we have more lines done in Sora’s route too.

So, here’s current line translation status:

  • Sora’s route – merged in some lines, 5686/8334 lines done (68.2%).
  • Nao’s route – no changes, 0/7378 lines done (0%).
  • Akira’s route – a bit of progress, 2347/8860 lines done (26.5%).
  • Kazuha’s route – it’s got a new translator for missing scenes and also is being QC’d, no new lines, 5872/6690 lines done (87.8%).
  • Motoka’s route – it’s got a new translator, no new lines, 0/6170 lines done (0%).
  • Common route – finished, mostly QC’d, 2119/2119 lines done (100%).
  • Bad end – partially done, I’ll finish it myself, I’m yet to check it, 52/145 lines done (35.9%).

Overall, 16076/39696 lines done (40.5%).

By the way, if you wish to talk with me about the project or anything else, I started appearing on lately.


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