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Recruiting translators! + detailed project status

The project is going back at full power. I finally managed to gather the project status in one place. Let me share what we do have and what we are working on.

We have 5 main routes plus common route in total to translate. Here is the status:

  • common route – Intro is done and being QC’d. Bad ending is not done yet (only ~145 lines). If I got the scenario layout right, 93.6% is done.
  • Sora’s route – There are rumors that it was completed by someone on 4chan. Currently, we are trying to get in contact with him. For now, one of our editors managed to find partially translated version (around 60%). Plus, he found part of route in different format than we use, which has approximately 15% of scenario, probably overlapping with already found 60%. So, in worst case scenario we have around 60% of it, in best 100% if we manage to contact the author. If you’re the author, please let us know (
  • Nao’s route – It’s untouched, 0%. The new translator that recently joined us will be working on it.
  • Kazuha’s route – Mostly done by previous group, except for H-scenes. It’s done in 87.6%. I plan to see how editors’ work will go for a while and later maybe somebody will start to QC it along with me or someone else translating the missing ~820 lines.
  • Akira’s route – I’m working on it, 12.6%. Actually, I’m yet to start working for real, since, as I mentioned in my last post, my exams finally ended. If everything goes well, I should complete it by October.
  • Motoka’s route – Untouched, 0%.

Overall, including only 60% of Sora’s route we actually have, we have 35% of lines translated. If we had full Sora’s route, we would have around 43.3%.

Please take note that it doesn’t mean that we’re 35% done – there was a lot of work to do before with tools used for translation (thanks, Proger_XP) and there’s still a lot to do with QC, menu, maybe images etc. It’s hard to describe the overall % of completion because of that, but our current goal is first to reach 100% translated scenario, next 100% QC’d scenario and later polishing the details. The previous post trjr made about being 40-50% done was taking into account not only just amount of translated lines, but also other work connected with translation and probably also the Sora’s route his collaborator was working on.

Currently, it’s safe to say that we have 2 active translators and 4 active editors. Since there’s still a lot of untranslated text, we’re mainly in need for translators. That’s why we’re looking for a translator to take care of Motoka’s route and for a translator to fill in missing H-scenes in Kazuha’s route and bad ending in common route. It can be a single person too. Of course, the more translators we get, the faster it will go. Work will need to be divided better then, not just by routes. So, if you’re interested, please apply at


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