Update about project status and a request

Hi, Xilexio here.

I’m one of translators that joined the project this year and I’m working on Amatsume’s route. This time I’ll be the one to write the usual post about project status. Our members are still working on the translation, but because of lots of other stuff going on in our lives, we have slowed down. We are determined to finish this project, so with sooner or later it will be done.

We have around 40,000 lines in total, so it’s not an easy and quick job to do. I am slow, but my speed is around 30-40 lines per hour. Fast would be way over 100. You can calculate how much time the translation alone will take, even if there are few of us. Translating lines isn’t the only thing to do – we need to integrate the translated script into game (thanks to Proger_XP), test it, make QC, maybe translate menu/options, etc. I haven’t gathered current statistics about overall translation progress, so I can’t really say how much percent we have done already. It might take some time, but when I get them together, I’ll share it.

I have some statistics about my part – Akira’s route. From the point where her route branches, there is around 8,800 lines to translate and at the moment I’ve translated around 1,060 (12%). Assuming I’ll keep my speed at around 40 lines per hour, there’s still around 200h of translating work before me on that route. With the end of this month, my exams will end and I’ll start to have more free time. If I’ll manage to keep my goal of 2h translating daily, maybe I’ll finish Amatsume’s route by November. This is where my request comes.

I’d like to ask for someone particularly interested in Akira’s route to help me with:

  • Preliminary Quality Check – just playing the game and telling me which parts seem strange (and maybe even editing them);
  • Pestering me – having someone willing to read my work and asking for another chapter as I translate it sure would motivate me to keep my goal.

Required are decent english language skills and owning a copy of Yosuga no Sora game to play it. No knowledge of japanese required (although might help sometimes when I create a sentence out of this world). EDITED: I’d like to thank those 3 people that replied. Since I need to limit the number of people helping me out, the offer is no longer active.

Now some news about the rumored Partial Patch. We probably won’t be releasing one to public after all, because we are afraid of project being taken down by the copyright holders. I hope you understand this decision – a third startup of Yosuga no Sora translation project after taking it down two times might not happen again.



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18 responses to “Update about project status and a request

  1. Dan

    Hmmm…but the copyright holders mights still ask you to stop this project if they learn of it somehow. There were projects that barely started and were still put down before any significant translation was made(much less a patch).

    Therefore realeasing at least the Sora route, which seems to be the most wanted one, so that some fans have their hopes of seeing it fulfilled does seem like a reasonable idea IMO. The copyright holders may not decide to ask for this project to be closed this time but if they do just before this project is completed then fans wont get even the Sora route(unless the members of this project still relaease the patch secretely or something). That would especially suck if it took you guys at least a couple of years to complete it and suddenly all of that effort is wasted.

    Well, good luck in any case, since no order to stop this project has been sent despite this project being done for quite a while it could mean they gave up on trying to stop it…hopefully.

    • Xilexio

      We don’t want to give them even more reasons to do so. If we won’t publish any of their copyrighted work, I think that they probably won’t react.

      • Dan

        Yeah, but the very fact that you plan to release a copyrighted work EVENTUALLY(the full patch), means that the owners realize that you will do what they do NOT want.

        Just not soon.

        So the best shoot is to hope that they gave up on crushing translations projects due to realizing that they may always be restarted. Or simply to avoid pissing off fans…even if said fans are western fans(and so no “natural” consumers to them).

        Would a partial patch piss them off more or less than the “threat” of an eventual full patch? No idea…


    thx for your update, Still alive hahaha

  3. Dragonark

    Good to see you’re still working on it! Great news 🙂 … Atm, I have some college stuff going on myself, so I can fully understand you.

  4. I’ll agree on the legal part. We’ll wait patiently for the patch, but it would be nice to have updates now and then – just to let us know that everyone is still alive.

  5. Lompy

    I can help out any way. I’m a professional QA tester if that helps anyone out. I definitely can’t wait to see this project completed

  6. so wait, does this mean sora is not the route being worked on first? if so that’s a little depressing as the chances of another copyright problem is rather high…should at least do the route everyone (well most people) want first D:

    • SurferDude

      At this rate, we’ll be getting the Sora route sometime in 2015, if ever.

      • Xilexio

        I agree that it will still take a LOT of time. That’s why we need more translators. Once I finish gathering detailed data about project status from the team, I plan to post more accurate statistics and information about recruitment of translators. I almost finished this task (still waiting for reply from some people).

  7. xP0wx~

    I’ll definetly wait patiently for the translation. I really love this game and therefore the Engrish I get with common translating tools pisses me off, especially at key scenes T_T I haven’t completed the main route yet, because I want to read it the first time, just as it should be-understandable in english. Well, I hope you guys will some day release the full patch, you rock!

  8. boompoom

    “These things, they take time.” – Gaben

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Aaeru

    ty for still continuing the yosuga sora project. I am cheering you guys on here, best of luck!

    also just want to say that the JP company has no ethical ground to be squashing your project. Legally they may have the power, but the law does not always equal Morality. You do not have to feel any shame in doing a service to society by extending on culture, or spreading it to the overseas audience. If you know how and what kind of ppl were involved in drafting the Berne and TRIPS 1994, you’d feel a lot more assured that most of the copyright laws we have today are just big corporations manipulating law in order to profit.

  10. thekamihunter

    O_O A YnS project is alive? Thanks and keep up the good work on it. Maybe someday I’ll be able to play the Sora route without using atlas and AGTH as I only have a partial patch following the Kazuha route atm.

    • Xilexio

      Yes, it’s alive and progressing. I finally got some time, so you can expect more detailed status in next few days and speedup on Akira’s route on my part.

  11. Oh! Xilexio! Thanks for translating Akira-chan’s route! THE CUTIEPIE NEEDS TO BE TRANSLATED!! ALSFJSLGKSF!!! lol
    … SO, ALL THE LUCK on the project! ;D

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