Still alive…

We’re working on Akira’s route, release date TBA.

I don’t know how the patch is going to work out, maybe you could… email me… about it… or something… when it does come out… to figure out how to get it.

Funny, I’ve seemed to have forgotten my email address… Maybe I will remember it and post it… when we have a full patch…

Yeah, that would be cool.



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28 responses to “Still alive…

  1. Proger_XP

    Do you want me to contact you? 😛


    I do hope you will finish the translation soon thx I will wait for it.

  3. xt0xicx89

    Hope every works out well, keep up the hard work.

  4. John Sabater

    Oh yeah!!!

  5. Wolf

    I appreciate what you guys ar doing, I wish i could edit or translate then i would help. as far as releaseing the patch, i think email and a private download that requires password would be appropriot, and just hope someone does not reupload it somewhere.

  6. NekoPalta

    Akira-chan TwT
    it’s very aprecciated your work 🙂

  7. Wolf

    I like the email idea, if you can’t find your email you could always make a new one for only giving out the patch, that way it will take a while and you have less chance of someone leaking it to an fileshare site, thus causing the same thing to happen last time.

  8. xxsaberxx

    Well, you could just create a new email account. LoL.

  9. Tort

    Frankly, a long time I thinking what you are troll, but if you really work, then I will pray for your well being.

  10. OtakuMage

    Take all the time you need to make a great patch. I’ve gotten used to waiting for VN translations and have a ton I still need to finish before getting any more.

  11. SomeRandomDudeStaresAtPeople

    I really didn’t want to continue lurking… I like ellipses, so continue on your seemingly long quest.

  12. TheManForTheCause

    There are many Yosuga No Sora followers out there that are for the cause, if a braveheart person (like me) translates one chapter each then we can send them to you. You can check them over, review, edit(if needed), and send it out. I will donate time and effort to the cause because I play the game and I think it’s my duty and everyone’s out there to help and support the cause! United We Stand, Together We Fall!!!

  13. sprocket

    Great to see you guys back on this project, too soon to ask but if you guys finish YnS will you guys be moving to the fandisc next called Haruka no Sora?

  14. xxsaberxx

    Akira…hmm…I was expecting you guy to do the most popular twincest route first…or are you saving the best for the last? 😛

    • SurferDude

      …Or maybe they’re done with everything EXCEPT the Akira route, and we’re about to get a complete patch. :0
      Oh, how I wish this were the case…

      • xxsaberxx

        Dream on mate. It’s good to dream. How I wish that were the case too…

      • xxsaberxx

        Actually I was hoping that they’d do things in this order:

        Nao, Twincest, Kazuha then the rest. Akira doesn’t appeal to me. Sorry to all the Akira fans out there. Lol.

  15. SurferDude

    @ xxsaberxx
    But the Kazuha route is already translated (except for ero) in the partial patch floating around on the net. I read it myself, it’s actually pretty well done. I am surprised (and kinda sad), however, that the popular twincest route wasn’t the next one to get translated.

  16. Sofian_1

    I just recently downloaded the game with the old incomplete patch, I hope things turn out well, since I’m tired of using agth to translate the story.

  17. Game

    Sorry if i ask stupid question, where i can download this patch. i want to test this patch too 😀

  18. Keep up the good work guys!
    I’m so pumped!!

  19. Anonymous

    Good Luck with the translation.

  20. Marche90

    You alive, guys?
    I know that is impossible (or close to, anyway) to keep a date locked in the translation scene, but… what happened? I think that a lot of people would be happy to have the 50-ish% patch of the game, just to see how far this has come (though if the reason why you guys haven’t released anything yet is because you are wary of the C&D, well, that’s another story)
    Where is the translation standing right now?

  21. Lisander

    I actually only need the sora and akira route, how are those 2 doing?

  22. xt0xicx89

    Do you guys need any assistance with proofreading/editing lines? I’ve worked on a VN before.. if it helps at all with the progress, I can provide some assistance.

  23. SurferDude

    And so another month passes. How about a new update?

  24. xilexio

    There seem to be problems on commenting on latest post, so I’ll write what’s new on my part here.

    As some readers might already know, I’m working on Akira’s route. She’s my favourite character, so I wanted to work on translating her scenario the most. And now down to business.
    When I roughly checked, there was around 8800 lines in that part and currently I’ve translated 837 (9.5%). As you might imagine, with speed around 30-40 lines per hour (yes, I’m slow), it will take a lot of time. It depends mainly on how busy will I be in next few months. Probably I’ll be able to get most of it done this summer.

    I don’t have statistics gathered about rest of the project, but I’m trying to get in touch with trjr to figure that out. I think it’d be nice to post progress in terms of translated lines and list of jobs to do after scenario translation is done (QC, game settings, graphical elements, etc.).

  25. xP0wx~

    Ummm sorry if the question is stupid but what exactly happened to the 40% and the 50% patches? I just got the old one from somewhere on the net with just the common route and the Kazuha route (minus ero) translated….is any newer patch out yet and if yes, where can I get it? Cause I really love the game~ I’d also help you or something but I just understand a hand full of Japanese words xD Oh well….Once I’m able to I’ll surely support you guys 🙂

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