We’re back!

We’ve got 2 new guys to replace the one we lost (Still trying to work out communication with them) and I can resume working on the project semi-full time! Not sure exactly where we are in terms of completion, so update on a patch when we get everything together, but we can officially say the project is moving along again at full force!



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33 responses to “We’re back!

  1. I’m the first commenter again. Good luck with the new force!

  2. Nobody

    Hey. Just wanted to say thank you, really. I seriously appreciate you’re translating this. Please keep it up.

  3. SurferDude

    May the full force be with you (until you finish translating).

  4. ryan

    You’s can do it. We believe in you

  5. Oink

    Indeed. The force is strong with this one.

  6. mrpenis

    ereaugh i came here by chance c:

  7. Anonymous

    Good to hear
    Looking forward to more Yosuga no Sora

  8. fi11

    Keep it up, everyone is looking forward to the spoils of your hard work!

  9. Keep at it!!! You have no idea how many of us are depending on you. 😀

  10. Go for it! Lonely Swede cheering for you over here!

  11. Skwiddz

    I am so stoked to find someone who is still trying to translate Yosuga no Sora.
    You guys are amazing!!


  12. Sandstorm

    Oh i am glad there is team up for this game in English 🙂 I wish there was something i could help with

  13. Good luck! Looking forward for your project (Y)

  14. THANK YOU………Im a very very bigfan of yosuga no sora and im glad to hear a group is doing the project…………………….moar twinsest woooohooooo

  15. LeoKitchen

    YES! FINALLY! You do not know how sad I was when I found out the original Yosuga no Sora translation group got C&D’d and had to stop translation work. I thought I’d be cut from YnS forever T^T But now a new phoenix has risen from the ashes of another. Good luck you guys! You got the whole Yosuga no Sora fanbase on your side!

  16. Are u guys also gonna translate Haruka no SOra…….

  17. Jones

    This IS gud news………..r u also gonna translate Haruka no Sora too? ……….

  18. Marche90

    Just a question, though. Will you be able to manage the promised patch, or will it slip ’till march? I think that everyone would understand if that were to be the case, but I want to know what will happen, after all.

    Keep up the work!

    • SurferDude

      I would also like to know this, seeing as there are only 3 days of February left.

    • Honestly at this point we’re just playing it by ear, as our main guy had stuff that came up in his life (Why did it have to be the fast guy) and the rest of us are nowhere near his pace.

      Sorry about that, but we will release a patch of some sort… soonish… ;_;

  19. I think its better for a full patch release…

    • SurferDude

      A full patch release would be ideal, but I’m guessing most fans of the game care mostly about the Sora route, so I think a partial patch containing it in all its translated glory would be more than welcome. 🙂

  20. Skwiddz

    A full patch would be amazing but a Sora Nao or Akira route to tie us over would be good ;D

  21. souther

    Keep it steady!

  22. xt0xicx89

    Good luck! Can’t wait until the translation is finished.

  23. Besshoumon

    Dont overwork yourself dudes/gals

  24. Georgij

    Thanks for all of your hard work keep it up, people like you totally deserve all of the best, without people like you I would never have experienced the joy of playing Visual Novels!

  25. well i wanna play all the routes except sora then save sora for the last……

  26. Me the biggest fan of Yosuga no Sora asks that there is a complete translation of the game!

  27. Human

    take your time guys, you’re doing a very great job

  28. SurferDude

    Any news yet ? It’s been a month since the last update and I’m getting kinda worried here…

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