More bad news

So, one of our guys just went completely insane and just walked out on us. Sent us what he had but we’re down to 2 guys working part-time on this.


Oh, and I might get a write-up if I don’t finish this project for my boss soon, got the warning email this morning. And I’m already in a bit of trouble at work so that’s essentially “Finish the job or you’re fired.” So I need to put my backbone into that. Ideally I could put full-time work into translating but being in debt sucks and means I need to hold down a job. That means one person working on the project.


Don’t panic, we will finish this eventually, it will just mean more delays. I feel so shitty about telling you guys this after not posting and delays and stuff like that. But it can’t be helped.


I’d love to continue working as hard as I can. I picked this project up to see it finish, and I guarantee it will finish. There’s just shit that’s come up. We can put out a better-than-50% patch probably by mid-to-late february.


Thank you for your patience. Please don’t kill me, I hope you understand.



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16 responses to “More bad news

  1. Proger_XP

    Everyone has got RL problems, no need to be sorry about this or anything. As long as you’re aiming for the successful completion of the project no one can blame people for having their own lives.

  2. NeoDragon

    I would lie if I said that this doesn’t matter … because as a matter of fact it does … I’m quite sad honestly.


    1. A few month ago the “official”, non-underground-progress was at 20%. And now it’s not TOO far away from 50%. That’s a great accomplishment (especially given the length of the game and the fact that many different translators worked on it)

    2. It’s a good thing that you posted the status more or less regulary (I hope you will do that in the future too). From many other projects I don’t even know if they still exist. That’s even worse.

    3. As Proger_XP said RL ALWAYS is more important than any translation project. Everybody understands that.

    4. You said you don’t give up on it. That’s great to hear. For me personally, it’s much more important THAT it will be finished one day than WHEN that day will come.

    Before I forget:

    It would be great if there would be a weekly update or something like that (like the VNTS thread on 4chan) … or every 14 days or so. I hope this is not too demanding. I’m very grateful for what you did.

    The reason for that suggestion: During the month you didn’t make a post I was afraid the project was given up … and after you posted I was like “phew … what a relief”.

    When nothing happens these 14 days because you are sick, on vacation or busy with important other things or just need a break, then it would be perfectly fine to post that. That way all the fans (and there are MANY) can see the project hasn’t been abandoned.

    I wish you the best of luck/success with your job.


  3. fi11

    I’m rooting for you guys!

  4. Akki

    For what it’s worth, job’s are a little more important. I’d rather not see you ruin things for the project. Good luck with everything. D:

  5. Nah, man dont worry, i donth care even if takes 1-2 years to release a full patch, like Akki says a job is more important >.> Im from Mexico, and here the last ting you want is lose your job :s

    Pdt: Sorry for my bad english xD

  6. Marche90

    well, I think it’s cool that someone’s working on the game, at least. just a point of clarification, though. does that means that the plans of the mid-january patch was scrapped in favor of the mid-february one? or we’ll get both? tnx in advance and good luck, keep it up at everything

  7. Wakfukk

    Jesus christ it sounds like your like sucks so bad… I don’t even care if this is translated, I’ll pray for your life to get better buddy!

  8. Let me poke you for a small status update, guys? 🙂

  9. Guest

    Could you at least translate the Sora route? The other characters are boring, but Sora is really good.

    • There’s a guy from 4chan’s /jp/ board who’s translating the Sora route in colab with us. While we’re stalled, he’s still working. We might catch up to him if I personally get done with my stuff or we get another guy to help out. You might want to check that out, though.

  10. Some random /a/non

    /a/ here, you’re doing the Lord’s work guys, as long as you can continue, I’ll be cheering on you!

  11. Xi

    Hi, trjr. I searched for your email or something else to contact you on this site, but I haven’t found one. I’d like to contribute to this project with the limited free time I have. Could you write me an email? I left my email address in this comment.

  12. ryan

    be careful not to draw to much attention guys. the last translator group got put down becauce of that

  13. Jones

    yeah. . . . . . better not to get too many attention at least until the project is finish

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