Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

And then production was delayed for 24 hours because we don’t have online backup. Stupid fucking cheap memory.

Shouldn’t mean too much of a delay, should still be able to release completely on time, but oh god what.


by | January 3, 2012 · 1:53 pm

7 responses to “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  1. Nanashi

    Take it easy mate.As long as it doesn’t delay the release then there is no need for you to get mad at some stupid USB (It happen to me all the time too)

  2. Anonymous

    Hope you have it backed up on another form of media other than your computer, Would be a shame if you lost everything :\

    • Yep, my files are on a computer at home, I just was going to be working on a more recent version on my commute, when this happens as I pull out my laptop, before I could transfer. Lost about 100 lines, nothing too bad. The main problem is now I can’t get any work done for a while (I usually don’t email because USB is SUPPOSED to be more reliable)

  3. Proger_XP

    That’s why I prefer online SVN repositories over local copies for my large and average projects.

  4. damm. Must’ve ruined your day…

  5. Akki

    If I could give you a suggestion, just quickly run through the first stuff for a dropbox account. It’s perfect for my school and side projects. Maybe it’ll help! ^_^

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