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Progress Report

“Well, 1 mth since the last update. I hope this doesn’t end up like the Fortune Arterial TL….”



Well, xxsaberxx, thank you for your concern. We’ve had some issues that have been popping up recently (internet communication issues and a busted hard drive which we luckily backed up) but as of the recent winter holidays we’ve gotten back on track. I’m hoping to have a provisional 50% patch out hopefully by mid-January (We’re aiming for the 15th)


I was hoping to keep this a bit of a secret, but we’ve decided that we should give the fans (of the game) something to look forward to.

To those who missed it, we had a post up for a couple of hours hinting at a 50% patch, and also encouraging people to rally against SOPA. However, as the voting on the bill got pushed back, it got deleted as it was untimely.


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