A point of clarification

So I wasn’t entirely clear about the whole 40% thing. If the /jp/ guy is working as fast as he should be, we by now should have 40% of all of the lines translated from Rune to basic English or better. This means there is still some editing to do, which we will be focusing on for the next period of time (which is not to say that we will not be translating lines as well).


Some of the translation is junky as well, which means we will have to redo it, but we have provisionally translated 40% of it.



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5 responses to “A point of clarification

  1. Thiago (Akhe)

    Thank you for your explanation.

  2. Well, 1 mth since the last update. I hope this doesn’t end up like the Fortune Arterial TL….

  3. Damn. Okay. But FA guys aren’t responding, and when I tried to email them I’ve gotten invalid email responses…so I guess that’s it for that project

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