Progress is being made!

We’ve been working extra hard recently to try to give you a little extra to be thankful for (or a VERY early holiday gift if that floats your boat) but we weren’t quite in time for the Thursday deadline. Probably by the end of today, if our /jp/ collaborator is working as fast as he claims to be, we should be OFFICIALLY done with 40% of the Yosuga no Sora translation. Bit by bit, my friends.


We’re also working on a patch of a small mystery project noone cares about that will be announced when it is finished, not that anyone  would be interested.



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8 responses to “Progress is being made!

  1. You don’t mean 40% for ALL of its routes?

  2. i think i speak for most when i say….

    i love you o.o

  3. kazuma


  4. Anon

    /jp/ collaborator

    It’s Kud right?

  5. Dragonark

    You’re doing ALL the routes of YnS and additionally ANOTHER unannounced project ? That’s so great to hear (= YnS^^)!!! But I hope you’re not overdoing it … sounds like a whole lot of work.

    I can only speak for myself, but take your time. All that matters for me is that you don’t give up on it^^

    I’m so happy you decided to go for it.

  6. samthegreat

    Pretty cool, I had the partially patched version. Played a few hours, started with the Amatsume route which wasn’t translated. I read some of it in runes using ITH and JParser but then I realized it’d take me a damn year so… Eagerly waiting for your version.

    Good luck!

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