Imuoto Paradise is boring…

So, we’re temporarily halting work on that and starting to contribute to the ongoing effort to translate Yosuga no Sora! We’ve been picking away at it but finally (after working on some technical difficulties) we’re moving full steam ahead on translating some minor, inferior but still important routes.



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11 responses to “Imuoto Paradise is boring…

  1. rem

    Great news.Thanks for your hard work

  2. TheDarkness

    Glad to hear that, Much appreciate the effort you guys are doing. Yosuga no Sora may finally see the light of day after all

  3. johnny

    do you guys plan to work on Haruka no Sora(Yosuga no Sora’s fun disk,contains things like two heroines that didn’t get a route in the original game and a sequel to Sora’s route)after Yosuga is completed?

  4. johnny

    take your time.The fact somebody is willing to translate it even after the C&D thing is already great.I hope you guys don’t get caught either…

  5. heres to the translation and hoping you don’t follow suit and get a C&D x3

  6. Hey, Proger here. Are you continuing the old team’s work or starting a new route from scratch?

  7. Teahouse

    Wasn’t the original project [Redacted] because they [Redacted] ? Couldn’t trying to continue the project [Redacted]?

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